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Feb 15, 2001
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I have a question about reloading. I just started and have some people that have done it for years helping me out.

I choose to shoot the Hornady Interbond 180 gr bullet out of my 300 win mag. After reading an article on bonded bullets, I decided to go this route for elk. In the article they were shooting 6 or 7 different types of bonded bullets and had all the statistical info on each. They used a 150 gr (i think) hornady bullet because the 180 gr was not out yet. The article said the 150 gr was shooting 7.6 inch groups at 200 yards while all the other bullets were shooting sub 3 inch groups.

For some reason I decided to go with hornady and I can't get good groups at 100 yards with the loads. I worked up 73, 74, 74.5 and 75 gr bullets. 76 is max load. Using RL-22 powder and magnum primers.

I heard that some people had problems with their 300's and boattail bullets.

Any thoughts??????

Thanks! Elk Turd
I jumped on the "bonded wagon" as well. I can't get either the Accubonds or the Interbonds to shoot very well either, like 1.5-2" goups at a 100 out of my 280. I'm pretty sure the problem is in my case that my barrle dosent have a fast enough twist to stabilize those long bullets. I think I will drop down from the 160gr, and 154gr to the 140's and see what they do. It kind of surprises me that your 300 won't shoot them however. I've talked with a bunch of people and they have all said that they got them to shoot really well. Did you try any other powders? RL-25, H1000, or IMR4831?
Thanks for the info! I will try different powders and primers and see if that makes a difference. I thought it was my bad shooting skills, but then put in factory loads and I shot good! :)

Might have to stick with factory ammo this season!
I got great groups from 225 Accubonds in a .338,
like 1.25" at 200 yds, but in my gun, velocity was off about 80 fps from flat base bullets.
Each different gun will react differently with different bullets/loads. Just keep playing with different load/bullet combos till you find what your gun likes.
keep trying different things. i asked alot of questions before i worked up my first load and talked to alot of people.some of my best information came from right here.sometimes a .5 grain of powder can make a drastic difference in a load.i personally dont like a 150 bullet in a 300 win mag they do alot of damage because they are moving so fast. i only use 180
I thought they used a 165 instead of a 180, at least in the article I read.

Some guns just won't like certain bullets. You may have to try a different brand of bonded bullet - like the Swift Scirroco, Speer Trophy Bonded, Nosler Accubond or Remington Corelokt Ultra (if the last is available as a component now.)
I can vouge that he Sucked it up at Shooting :D :D Either that or a 12" group at 100 yards was good ;)

Hey Turd, You got a Proposal to work on... get busy !!!

Seriously though, I thought it was your Shooting too untill I seen your Good group with the Factory loads. Good luck on your loads bro !
Calif. Hunter - Yep, they did use 165 gr bullets, I reread it last night. Once I am rich like Moosie, I will go buy other bonded bullets and test those.

This is a whole new world for me. I was super nervous shooting the first load, err, bullet that I reloaded. I only checked the scale 10 times before seating the bullet! hehehehe

With everyones reloading experience, how close to max loads are the bullets??? I read if you get too far from the max load, the bullets fly weird because of pressure(?). And how close is close? I loaded 75 gr where the max is 76. hmmmm.....
Every gun will like different loads. Some will like max, some will like over-max (and show no signs of excess pressure) and others will like light loads. I generally like a load that fills the case without too much compression, like maybe to the base of the neck or slightly lower.
Most of the reloading manuals will now show the percentage of the case filled by the load. I have "generally" found that a powder and load that fills the case 90% or so is usually more accurate than a powder that uses only 75% (or less) of the case. I often choose what powders to try by reviewing that kind of info in the manual before buying any powder.
I tend to pick powers that match the case...faster powders for small cases, and sloooow powders for BIG cases, which coorelates directly to density... i.e. Lil gun in 22hornet and reloader 25 in a 378 Roy. I agree that the density of the load has a lot to do with accuracy, but if ET is using a max load (or near max) with RL-22 he should be in the "high" density area. Sound like he just needs to experiment with a few diffrent powders. I've had great luck with Hogdon H1000, and IMR4831 in mag cases. What type of primer are you using Elkturd?
I've had the best accuracy in .300 Wthby with IMR-7828 and in .338 Win with IMR-4350 or RL-22. In .270 Win, my rifle did not like H-4831 at all and loves H-1000. I tend to use Federal Gold Medal primers in my rifle loads, myself.

Good luck, as there are almost endless variations to try! (But that is what makes it fun, right?)
I am using the Federal Gold Medal Primers, magnum style. I also noticed that the powder almost fills the cartridge so I think I am around the 90% full percentage on my loads.

It looks like the next thing is to try a variation of powders. Yep! It is fun! (I think...)
Well here's a few pics of my results with the interbond. They WILL SHOOT accurately!

This is with my 300 WSM Browning.



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