In general which of these areas will my time be best spent.

Mar 4, 2019
Manhattan, MT
Hey guys,

I live up in Montana and elk hunt like crazy here. However, I have a friend in Colorado wanting to go on his first elk hunt. Therefore I decided I'm going down there this upcoming season. Since I'll be hunting elk here in Montana in archery and October I'm looking at the third rifle season and doing OTC. Now I have read about every forum there is and used the Colorado hunting atlas in great length. I have yet to talk to the biologists but it is on my list.

I'm currently looking at three different groups of units and just was wondering if you guys could give me insight on which area may be more worth the time. Keep in mind I'm not looking for detail just which area is a better use of our time.

The first group of units is 3,301 and 4. The second group is 521 and 52, The last group is 62,65, and 70.

Both my friend and I are pretty in shape and are willing to hike about whatever distance we may need to so the terrain isn't a huge factor for us. Any input would be awesome. If anyone needs info for Montana elk hunting I'd be happy to help. Thanks!


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Apr 6, 2013
Western Colorado
I've hunted all those units and they can be great, or suck. It just depends on the weather and where the elk are. 3rd Rifle is an OTC hunt so you'll have company. I'd pick the unit closest to your friend so you can scout it.