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Jul 7, 2001
Austin, Tx

I just got around to my e-mails and am trying to catch up on the details surrounding the exotic hunt. Does that ranch have a website???? In one of the other topics I thought someone mentioned something about everyone staying together. I'm trying to figure out what is included in the $180. Does this include/exclude lodging and meals?? Thanks dude.....

Been doing any duck hunting???? We're heading to Port A this weekend.

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Yes, there is a web page of sorts for the ranch, its http://www.thomsontemple.texaswildlife.net The $180 includes friday night and saturday night bunkhouse type lodging, we bring our own food and sleeping bag but there is a place to cook and barbeque some. We can hunt friday afternoon on our own, and saturday morning and afternoon and sunday morning we can be taken to a blind or a few can walk a canyon. We get our choice of one of corsican, mouflon, Haw.black, Texas dall, Merino or Rambo rams, or New Zealand mountain goat. If there are (more rare) painted desert rams or four horns, we can get one of those as an alternative. The aoudads and varmints are included in addition and there is no limit on them. If you want more than one of the basic choice rams that can be shot for another $180.

If people want, we will add another hunt at another place before and/or after for hogs or exotic does at about the same price. If you are going to Port A, maybe you know about or can bring info. back on a fishing trip there? Its not far away and that might be a good optional activity.

Hope this helps. The basic ram hunt is the weekend of March 30th, starting friday at noon on our own and ending sunday at noon. Moosie has suggested that we all go to dinner on friday in town, that's about 10 miles from the ranch and this sounds great to me. If you wanted nicer lodging than the bunkhouse at the ranch, then there is also a motel in town but that would cost extra. Taxidermy and/or meat processing costs extra but there is a walk in cooler at the ranch to use for free while the hunt is on.
Tom, I just made a shot at bringing up the web site and it said "page cannot be displayed". Is it me or is there something wrong with the web site/addy/?? :cool:
TOM.. GET the list and INFO ready... I'll call ya Monday afternoonish and we'll look it over.. Or E-mail me a time to call .....

I woul love to have JIMMY and Dale there.... Either way, hunting or just for a visit.. If they aren't hunting.. I'll work something out with Temple to just have them BUNK UP >>..... WE'll make it work.. I do want to get a CURRENT head count and BOUNCE that off Tom and me and Temple first

We'll go from there !!!!!