Illinois Deer Leasing

Jan 25, 2002
Fellow hunters, I am new to this talk forum and would like to pass along a place I have in Illinois which I lease for deer bow hunting. The URL says it all, but, I would like to re-emphasize I am not a big time outfitter looking to bring in one group of hunters after the next and end up with my place being over hunted and under appreciated by the hunters. Just the opposite. As you read my web site you will see I started deer leasing only 3 years ago and have continually limited the number of hunters. I have never had more than 8 hunters for an entire season and that continues to be my goal. I feel you will be quite impressed by what I have to offer and when reviewing the site you will see how I can afford to offer what I do for such a low price. I welcome any and all questions and in my site I even offer the phone number of the local Fish & Wildlife office in order for you to get an un-biased opinion by the rangers as to the quality & quantity of the deer for my area.
Once again, thanks for your consideration and it would be my pleasure to talk to you.
Bill Cross
(314) 233-9274
[email protected]
[email protected]
Welcome to Moosie's. I don't have any intrest in a least right now, but maybe someone does ?!?!?

Don't just post and leave... If ya stick around telling stories I'm sure you'll fill your lease.... HECK, YA might even talk Ol' Moosie into trying it :D :D
Hello Bill,

Your talking about my stomping ground :D .

I grew up down at Dale. I moved out of Hamilton Co. and now reside on the other side of the "Big Water" over in Scheller, in Jefferson Co.

Now folks I have not hunted this property itself, but I can tell you that where it is located there are a great number of large whitetail taken every year. This property is very close to the Ten Mile Creek wildlife areas that have become well known for producing record book bucks.

I myself hunt further south near the county line, but that is because my family owns a lot of land down there. I think it is easier to hunt private ground than it is to fight the crowds on public.

Like Moosie said Bill, stick around and share some stories and a few pics. I am sure you will have some takers. :D :cool:
Moosie & Snite66, thanks for the replies. I will be sticking around and will be checking out other postings. Will also be updating my web from time time to time.
Once again, thanks for taking the time to read my posting.
Bill Cross
I have hunted Bill Cross's land and it is everything he says it is. The house is beautiful. You can hardly call it camping. I have since leased a farm farther north or I would probably go back to Bills. He is a nice man and easy to work with.
Jim May(wildturkey)