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Dec 26, 2002
Meridian, ID
It's been a while since I posted on this site but ran into Moosie a while back at Sportman's. I've enjoyed checking in from time to time and look forward to your updates Moosie. Keep em' up! I can't wait to see the bear you end up with!

Congrats Supersider! Another fine looking bear under you belt.

I was fortunate enough to draw controlled tag this spring for bear. We looked over 22 bears during the first 3 weekends, 14 of which were cinnamon phased.

I have pictures of the bear I took if someone can help me post them. Nothing huge but I do have it all on video which is REALLY cool.


Here are your pictures...



Bull down, I can Upload the Vid.... Want to Bring it by my place or Office ?

Kudos on your Bear !!
Well, thanx fr stopping in again !!! Good to see ya shooting something ;)

I'm with Wylee, What draw was that ..
It was in unit 22/31. The video is in DVD format but maybe buglelk can work some majic on his pc and make a jpeg out of it. Corey is the one who did the fine video action for me.

We still have one more tag to fill. I tried capturing last weekends hunt with my own camera but failed miserably. Talk about shaky!

We located a bear similar in size to mine right away. Decided to pass with intentions of finding a bigger bear in a better canyon but the weather was hot and the bears were hiding out. Later that evening we decided to see if our bear was still hanging around and to no suprise he was. A perfect stalk attempt put us 50 yards above him but no shot presented itself. Trying to manuver ourselfs into a better position ended up spooking the bear and he was off. It's tough getting to within bow range of bear while holding a rifle...let me tell you

I did a good job filming some brush when the shooting action started. For some reason I was looking at the bear with my eyes instead of through the camera. Is that called bear feaver???

Well, that one got away after a few donations of led flew across the canyon.

Yesterday the other tag holder was back at it. Saw 5 bears in about 3 hours. Donated some more led to the mountains and the blonde bear escaped.

Hopefully we can connect next week!
Bulldown, I can Pull Pictures and Clip the Video Quicker then it takes you to Bring it over. Bring the Video, Your DVD (Mini DV Probably ?) and hopefully a Fire Wire Conection so I can Burn it straight to the 'Puter. It's Quick and Easy.
Holy smokes ten bears, you aint a kiddin!

We had another bear (possibly a den mate to mine) that was heading down to feed on my gut pile one week later. This bear was a bit bigger than mine but had an identical coat. We were getting into position to video the shot when the bear mananged to get spooked and crawled into the protection program. Come to find out, a couple other hunters were hiking between us and the bear. He obviouly winded them at our expense.

But that's not all, about an hour later a small 4' black bear stepped out further up the drainage. We started filming him when the canyon began to rock! It was hilarious watching these guys shoot. I think they shot 12 times at this bear while he acted a bin ball bounching back and forth across the side hill. I think we did get a little of that I video.

And to top it off, we counted another 12 shots from the same hunters about 3 hours later. Who knows what they were shooting at but they definitly polluted the mountain side with led.

.... ;)

Any updates from your Buddy ? HAs he been back out ? And when are you going to bring the Footage over so I can Upload it for ya ?
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