Idaho non resident going elk in 21 and 21a

Steve B

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Aug 24, 2002
Casa Grande , Arizona
I would like to know where to start and if any one might know a game processing place in or around Salmon, Idaho. There are 4 of us going and if someone gets lucky the first day , we would need to store the meat until we are ready to come home. Also are there any elk in the 21 and 21a areas? Topo maps show alot of cayons, and strems. Should be some of the most beautiful land in the USA. Would like for some help please. :confused:
hi steve.. I know those units pretty well. most of the elk are migratory elk from montana. there are some local herds but there kinda scattered around... are u on foot? atv? horses (best choice)...
Steve, I've heard a little about that hunt but am not the best in helping you....

BUT I did want to say Welcome to the board and GOOD luck hunting. KEEP us posted and let us know !!!!!
There is a processor there I think it is on hiway 28. Anyways ask a couple of people in town they will tell you were to go get your elk cut and wrapped.
I myself will be on foot, although one of the guys will be bringing his quad. This is a long way to drive to go elk hunting, last year was my first year ever and I got a spike in unit 6a south here in arizona. So I am hooked for life. (If I don't get eatin by a bear this year.)
I've hunted the area in the past, and there are quite a few elk in some drainages, but I can't post them here (Moosie will learn my secret MULEY hunting spot).

Check with the folks at the North Fork Store, or the little place in Gibbonsville about cold storage or cutting.
There's a place across the street from our house in Salmon that's called Rocky Mountain Pack and their prices are good and the owner Ted knows what he's doing. I'll keep my eyes peeled for 4 guys over there with elk this year if you decide that's where you are going to take the meat.
Thanks for the info. I am going to meet with my hunting buddies on tuesday for making final plans. I have read that 21a is better than 21 (last year success was 35%). Although the total number of hunters was less than 100. I have been told that many people dont hunt this area because of the ruff terrian? is this true? and which forest road should we take?
Email me ([email protected]), I'll tell you where I'd hunt if I were going to be there.

I may make it for the deer opener, but may not either.

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