Idaho elk trip bust!!!!

Steve B

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Aug 24, 2002
Casa Grande , Arizona
Well just got back from Idaho, and sorry to say no one got any elk. There were four of us in the group. Unit 21 on top of long tom ridge. Well I ran into 2 spikes the first day but could not get close enough to get a shot. My buddie Alex on the second day had a shot at a very large 6x7(which was the biggest bull he said he ever saw, He is 54 years old and has been hunting Elk here in Arizona for over 30 years.) I however saw nothing after the first day but could here them bugling every where. I think I will be returning next year to this same spot, From what my buddies tell me these Elk are very fat and healthy, with no hunters in the area but us. Although we had a Guy from Boise stop at our camp asking questins, He said he was in the area because he was tryin to avoid the plauge of Quads in his normal area that he has hunted. All in all it was a pleasent trip, Idaho is a beautiful state, o We saw 6 big horns feeding on the side of the road on the way out, Spring creek road about a half mile up. Got photos of them if yall would like to see. :( :( :(
Sorry you didn't get your elk Steve. Hope you can do it again and get the elk that you are looking for. Please do put up the pics. We always like to see pics.
Steve,heck yes we want to see the pictures :D
Sorry you didnt connect with anything this trip,but at least you got to know the area a little better for the next year.
You had a good time,you got home safe,sounds pretty good to me.
Sounds much like the trip we just got home from-------We had cake,just no frosting on it
POST the pics DAMMIT

COOL that you had a good time !!!!!

YAH, Thats why I liek Idaho
Steve, I'm heading to Salmon next Friday. How were the bulls bugling?? Were they bugling all the time or just sometimes?? Thanks!!
The Elk in Salmon are bugling from about 9 am to as late as 1 pm. I know it sounds strange to me that they would be talking so late in the day but they were in down in the drainages.
Long Tom Ridge, here I come! (only about 1 1/2 hours away!)

Just kiddin, I'm on the MT side anyways. SOunds cool to have all that buglinf at mid day. Did you guys get real aggressive and try to get as close as you could to them, then bugle???

I have hunted that area, and it is beautiful country. Good to hear you say it was not over run with hunters. It used to get alot of pressure, as well as Oreano ridge and Horse Creek. Did you find the hot springs at Horse Creek? Worth the trip.

You'll get them next time!

Some people we ran into told us about the hot springs but we did not go to see them. I will be returning next year to this spot, I have gps numbers of the camp site if you would like them. I will be bringing a quad next year but will leave it at camp until an animal is down and only use it to retrive game, not driving around all the time making all kinds of noise. Be prepared for a lot of hiking there is no flat ground here you are either walking up an angle or down. :cool:
Steve, Sorry to hear you didn't connect with anything....I'm sure you had a good trip though...Hopefully you'll have better luck next year... :D
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