Idaho Big 3 tags for outfitters


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Sep 11, 2017
ID Panhandle
Hopefully this doesn't make it far. Not sure how someone would think this is a good idea.

(10) Opportunity for Additional Tag -Outfitters Having Filled a Wolf Tag. The commission shall prescribe by rule the manner and conditions of issuing and using the tags authorized under this subsection. The commission shall provide the opportunity to purchase an additional bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or moose tag to any outfitter that fills a wolf tag in the course of outfitting. Tags will be issued for the same unit where the wolf was taken. The provisions of this subsection shall be valid provided wolves are not on the endangered or threatened species list. Provided, however, the commission shall determine whether wolf, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, or moose populations are sufficient to carry out the provisions of this subsection.

Sad part is the legislators that have the final word are the ones proposing these crazy things. Wouldn’t surprise me if one of his relatives is an outfitter.
I didn’t realize the outfitter lobby had such pull in Idaho. This idea is ridiculous.
I isn’t know outfitters could purchase big three tags in the first place so how could purchase “ additional “ tags?

More tags on the free market, count me in….