Idaho Bear Hunting


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Apr 3, 2002
Clinton, Ut
My friends and I are planning a spring bear hunt to Unit 1 in Idaho. We have hunted the Libby area in Montana with fair success, but Montana raised license fees this year so we thought we would try Idaho. Any info on timing, areas to try, etc. would be appreciated.

Eeeeee-gats !!!! Thats a little far north for me, I'm down south a bit further.....

I do know that North Idaho is suposed to harbor some awsome bear and lots of them, Most units have 2 tags I believe up north....... Why did you pick that area ?!?! Jsut wondering......

Ohhh.. Welcome to !!!!! :D :D
You know the Montana area and have had some success. It appears you know little or nothing about the area in Idaho. Montana bears tags and license are $350.00. Idaho is $364.00. I no savvy your train of thought.
Moosie and Big Sky,
The reason we chose unit one is because I believe it is similar to the Libby area. We like to walk old logging roads and glass clearcuts. I wouldn't mind trying some of the units to the south (like unit 10 or 12), but I'm not sure if our style would fit the country.
As for Big Sky's question about why we chose Idaho, its because the Idaho season run until the end of May. In Montana the season closes on May 15th. Most years that doesn't matter to much. Some years, when the spring is late, I would like to start hunting about the 15th.

Are you thinking east or west side of the selkirks?I live in sandpoint and hunt the packriver drainage but this year I thought I would try the priest lake side all the areas have great bear populations. let me know general area I might be able to help.
We don't have the onion fields like those down south (do we?). I never have found any up here, but Unit 1 is still north of me. I likes Unit 4.
hey you idaho hunters, could you tell me about the bear hunting in zone # 39 or any info. on that area. need to find out if the hunting good in that general area.

39 is a good unit, lots of people hunt in it though its kinda crowded, Moosie be the best to answer your questions, thats his main stompin grounds. It seems to me if you stay west of highway 21 you don't have as much competition as you do the east side of the highway...
BAir Bait, WHAT do ya want to know, I got the Topo's for all that unit. I don't know all the areas, but I know that they get alot of bears out of there !!!!

What specifics ya looking for ? Are you want ing to come out here and hunt it ?