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May 29, 2001
Thetford-Mines, Quebec
Went to my camp this week in Woburn, Qc., near the Maine border and prepared my blind and territory for moose season. Noticed some female tracks and turds but nothing out of this world. I prepared my territory by laying down salt at four corners of my field of view and sulphur, and moose coke, and urine. I know they have been passing no further than 20 feet in front of my blind on a forest trail, but think this is just a highway for them rather than an actual territory.

I hunt with my father in law who is positioned 3000 feet away from me near a swamp, he's got the Cadillac of all spots. My blind is on the verge of a field that was logged 3 years ago with dense forest behind me, 1000 feet of field ahead of me, and then dense forest beyond that. Pretty dry land I'm afraid, apart from a small brook. Is there anything else I can do to get them interested in staying around my little plot. Any tips from experienced hunters out there, things to do , not to do or just to help me along??



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Apr 2, 2001
Take a 5 pound coffee can and poke a hole in the bottom with a finishing nail from the inside. Run the first few inches of a 2 to 3 foot length of flat shoe string or other flat cotton string through the nail hole starting from the inside. Tie a tight knot at the long end and trim off the excess. Pull on the short end until the knot is snug against the bottom of the can. Wet the string, hold the can under one arm so the bottom is facing down and towards your front. Starting where the string meets the metal, lightly pinch and pull the wet string between thumb and forefinger slowly and steadily as far as you can in one pull. If you did it right the can will make an awfull "nnnnwaughhhhhh" sound that happens to sound like a cow in search of a boyfriend. If you didn't get any sound you aren't pinching hard enough as you pull. If you already know what sound your trying to duplicate it takes all of 5 minutes to become an expert coffe-can moose caller. If you want to bull grunt, pinch a little tighter and pull in short quick strokes. It should come out "Ughh-Ughh-Ughh".

Move your blind next to the nearest water, a big puddle wil do. Cows will often signal that they're ready to breed by peeing loudly into calm water. You can mimic this this by filling the can, holding it 4 to 5 feet from the water and pouring it out slowly but steadily.

Call every few seconds for a minute and then don't call again for at least 30 minutes and do not move for at least an hour. Bull moose have great hearing, especially big racked bulls in "hard horn". Any bull within a half mile or more will hear you easily and may start in your direction but probably won't come quick so be patient. Set up so you have a long look down wind because thats where the moose will come from as he investigates your calling.

good luck
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