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Dec 20, 2000
Boy, I'm just not very good at this hunting thing. I'm gonna come clean. Last weekend, I was supposed to hunt in WY for cow elk. Elkhunter was gracious enough to put me up for the night. However, I called a explained that I couldn't make it up because of an assignment due date got moved up. Well...the real story goes like this. I got out of class and busted ass up to Jackson. I get there about 2:30pm and start getting ready to head up towards Blacktail Butte. I'm getting my clothes on and checking my backpack. Guess what I forgot??? MY LICENSE!!! So, then I called home to confirm that I did leave it there and yes I did. Called Elkhunter and gave him my 'story'. Then I proceeded to drive the 4.5 hours back home. Sorry about the fib Bill.

So, my plans for this weekend were to go back, but guess what I GOT AN ASSIGNMENT AND EXAM next week!!! Shows it doesn't pay to lie, it'll catch up with ya. Boy, it's getting harder and harder to convince myself that school comes before hunting.
Tyler LOL

that sucks.... I have gone hunting up in the kaibab (10 hour drive to where I go) and forgot my tag and licence before, hunted for a whole week even tagged a deer.. drove all the way home looking over my shoulder.. not fun... I pretty much forget everything anymore unless it has to do with fishing....

Last night I drove an hour to work on a boat for a guy and I forgot all the damn parts at my house... good thing the carbs were shot real bad(becuase I needed to soak them)....
I make a few photo copies of my licenses and tags and put them in my wallet, truck, car, hunting vest etc. so I've always at least have a copy with me. That's enough to prove to a game warden I've got what I claim, even if I forget the origional.
Tyler.. I would have kept the secret :D :D WERE you afraid I'd slip ;) HAHAH AHHA

NOT to be laughing at ya but it was hard not to start a topic
GET um NEXT time !! It's not the SUCK II that is bad.. It's the SCORE I that makes up for it bud !!!
Ithaca- Have you ever been checked and only had a copy with you??? That's a great idea, and I'm sure would work in a dire situation. Thanks for the tip.

Naw Moosie, I knew I could trust you, I've got too many things on YOU!!!;) Guess I just over the embarrASSment.
I've never been checked when I didn't have my license with me. One day a few years ago I forgot my license but decided to take my chances and continued on to the hunt anyway. While thinking about how to deal with the situation if I got checked I came up with the copy idea.

One day when I did get checked and had my license I asked the officer what he would have done if I just showed him the copy. He had never been asked that and didn't know if there was an official policy to deal with that type of situation. I pointed out to him that a copy should certainly be proof that I really did have an actual license and he said he agreed, and wouldn't do anything if he were faced with that situation. A couple of other F&G officers have told me the same thing.
Tyler, you should have just went to the G&F office in town and gotten a replacement. If you lost your tag, they would replace it, so all you would have had to do is get a replacement and then destroy the original upon returning home.

I also asked a warden about the copy idea and he said that he would have no idea if the original was already used and the person was trying to get an extra animal or not. It would prove you did have a liscence but does not prove that the liscence has not been used. I guess it just depends on the G&F officer at the time. Get some young newbie that is trying to make a name for himself and who knows. But I guess it is better than nothing and certainly worth having on your person.
A little truth would have gotten you hunting over the weekend...That is the way it always seems to go though...Tell a little fib because of what ever and you find out it would have worked out even better if the truth would have been stated..Live and learn...Hope you can get up there soon and use your tag..Now that would be great... :D

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