I got one!


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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA

It was on a Keith Warren group hunt we just did. He's a TV show guy around here and a lot of fun and he promotes hunting and fishing big time, expecially with youth. We did two weekends back to back at Thompson Temple's Rocky Top ranch here in the Texas hill country with members from his hunting forum.

It scores about 126 in SCI and 97 in ROE. ROE has had a mouflon type category for several years now. This one qualifies for mouflon type because of the shape of the horns and as a Texas dall because of the coloring. I entered it as a mouflon type in ROE, instead of as a Texas Dall, because it will score higher as that type animal, if next year's animals are like last year's animals in the record book.

I got him with the 223 Thompson Contender there, 14 inch bull barrel. I love that pistol, its one I can shoot decently, so far.

The hunt went like clockwork. We spotted it from up on a hill and did a stalk through a creek bottom. I came up out of the creek bottom and there he was about 30 yards away. He was eating alfalfa, and he liked it, so he wasn't too alarmed and I got him. He took off running when I hit him, but he only got about 35 yards. Its amazing, but that little 55 grain 223 has like double the ft lbs of energy as my 44 magnum with a 220 grain bullet in it. Speed of the little bullet makes the difference and it really did the job on this ram.
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