I finally got my archery bow kill


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Nov 12, 2001
South Dakota
I know that i'm new here but I thought that this is a good place to post this. I took up bow hunting last year. Last Saturday evening my wife, kids and I had tickets to the PBRA in Sioux Falls. I told my wife that I was going to go out deer hunting and be back in time to get cleaned up and go to the rodeo. She was hesatent but said ok and wished me good luck. As luck would have it about 10 minutes after sun down a doe came walking up the draw that I was setting on. I would like to say that my shot was perfect but it wasn't. I hit the doe a little farther back that what I had planned. I marked the last spot that I had seen her and went back home to get some flashlights and help. My wife was not in the least bit impressed when I told her I would have to miss the rodeo. My 4 year old, after hearing what was going on told Kristy, my bride that he was not going to go with either. That didn't help me much either but I told her to have fun and take her mother and her nephew. To make a long story short we tracked her for about 2 hours and lost the blood trail. I went back out on Sunday morning and found her piled up about 150 yards from were we lost the blood trail. That was my first official bow kill and it sure was fun to be able to have my son with me tracking it on sat. night. I just wish I would've woke him up and took him with on Sunday but he had Sunday school to go to and i didn't know how long I would be gone. Sorry if it's a long post but I just wanted to share.

Welcome to hunttalk,and congrads on the deer.
Not to long at all ,we like hearing everyones storys on there hunts.
I understand your excitment :D I also got a first archery kill this year,Im still stoked about it.
Post picture if you have them.
WELL Congrats !!!!! YOU can never post TOO much text
Just ask me.. SOmetimes I take out webspace just to type a post !!

I know about the wife being mad thing.... I shot my Elk this year the day before my wifes B-day.... She said I could take as many days off as I wanted. BUT couldn't miss her B-day... OOPS :D I'm still in the Dog house !!!!!

CONGRATS on the DEER THOUGH !!!!!! Nothnig like getting the first one out of the way with a bow !!!!!!

Nothing like getting your first with a bow!!! After I shot my first, I ran approx. two miles to my dad to tell him about it. Bowhunting ROCKS!!! Congrats on the deer!!! Now that you have the ball rolling, many more are to follow!!

BTW-What kind of bow/broadhead etc... were you using? I almost like talking about the equipment as much as using it.
Thanks all to the congrats. I shoot a hoyt bighorn country bow with carbon arrows tipped with 125 grain muzzys. I realy like the way it shoots. We took some pictures of me and my son with the deer after I had it home. After we use up the rest of the film I will try and scan some and post them.

Way to go, Snowgoose! My first (and only) bow kill was a muley doe. I worked harder for that deer than any other deer I've ever killed. There is definately something about bowhunting that is special.


I bet that was as exciting as the biggest buck you've put a bullet hole in!!!
(if you are like me that is ;) )

I get JUST as pumped up about drawing on a doe as I do looking thru my scope at a buck!

PS: I can't wait till my boy can go along
That will just be the BEST!
Good on ya, Scott........maybe you can make your way out west here sometime soon and get to draw down on a big ol' bull...........now that will give ya a shake or two! :eek:

.......and on the doe you got...........some of the does are the wariest kills you'll ever take.....they just got done rearing fawns and are sharp as a tack.......and any whitetail with a bow is something you can be proud of.....
:D :D :D :D :D :D :D
!!!Way to go goosie!!! If you start working your wifi into the archery sport. You might get her a little more interested. I started working on my wife about 14 years ago. She started out almost an anti. Now she has a bow of her own and next year she might even go into the woods with me. This year she even had her very first fishing licence. It takes them along time to get warmed up to the idea. But if you can get her interested also. It makes for some very good and quality family outings. And again-congrats on your first bow kill. We are all very proud to be here to help share this moment...