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hurricanes and deer hunting


New member
Feb 27, 2002
with the hurricane headed for the southeastern coast i arrived at my club and only 4 people showed up to hunt. normally opening weekend it is tough to find a place to sleep after 4 in the afternoon.when we woke up saturday morning the skies were clear and there was very little wind.we all headed to stands and it turned out to be a great morning. my son saw a doe, the other 2 guys saw multiple deer and the club adjoining us was running dogs from our line in to theirs so i didnt see anything. about 20 minutes after people went to the stand sat. evening it started raining in buckets and thundering so everyone got down for the night. sunday morning it was raining again and only 3 of us wnt out. chris sat with me and we saw 2 fawns feeding together and the other guy saw 3 deer. once again opening weekend wasnt very productive with no deer killed but it sure was nice to have the chance in august


There you go adding to that post count again Bill ;)

.....just a note.....normally whitetail hunting is awsome immediately after a major storm system moves through....seize the opportunity.