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HuntTalk Hillbilly Fest......Opening Day....Saturday 9th


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Nov 21, 2001
On Friday we all decided where we were going to setup and hunt. So we get to Darren's property on Saturday....I made him park at the entrance
.....and we drive in and park and go our to our pre-scouted spots.

Darren, Nut and TurkeyEye go to the left side of the property and Meathead and I go to the right side.

Shortly after daylight I heard...I thought...TurkeyEye's 6.5 ring out...but wasn't sure. Not long after I heard his shot a doe came up behind me and came past me at about 10-12 FEET....I raised my 300WSM could not see anything but brown in the scope and fired. This rifle is sighted in at 400 yards.....10 feet is close :D

But here is the result of opening morning....


Back row...L to R Nut, Darren, Meathead
Front row L to R TurkeyEye and FLIPPER [me]

And as some of you have heard....I made a trip to the ER Saturday morning after we came out of the woods.

It seems I am allergic to deer :rolleyes:

Last year here at home it happened once....then last year while hunting in Texas it happened and now in Kentucky it happened again :rolleyes:

It effects my eyes...they started by itching...turning red...then the white part of the eye starts swelling very badly.

So Darren takes me to the local Hospital and I tell them what is wrong and how many times it has happened before and what THEY NEED TO DO....but no....remember we are in Hillbilly land :rolleyes: they do not listen to me.

So a nurse comes in to put numbing eye drops in my eye...she does...then I start losing my vision in that eye...everything is getting dark....after 20 minutes or so the doctor finally comes back to look at me and says,"Did your pupil get that small the other 2 times this happened?"....I said no...it start after that nurse put those eye drops in...she grabs that bottle and RUNS out of the room. Now I am starting to worry at this point :eek: And in a few minutes she and an eye specialist come running into the room....he checks my eye while she is on the phone to whoever...posion control center for all I know....asking questions about the drops that were put in MY eye.

Come to find out the nurse did NOT put numbing drops in my eye....she put in drops for catarac patients...which constricts the pupil to keep sunlight out. After they figured this out.....THEY started treating me like the president...it went from me being scared to them be scared.

And because of incompetence on their part...I did not get to go hunting Saturday evening....being as they would not release me because they goofed up. 4 hours later I finally got released ate lunch and spent the remainder of the evening in bed and blind in one eye. As you can imagine I wasn't very happy......look you can tell.....

Great HAT though....
Sunday 10th...

It rained and stormed most of the night Saturday. Remember the stuck photos?

Well when we returned to Darren's property Sunday morning...I made hime park at the entrance again
....it was very...very muddy and even with a 4x4 it was rough. We get back to the parking spot and head out...Darren and Nut go to the left again and Meathead, TurkeyEye and myself go to the right.

I went to the edge of Darren's property and after 20 minutes or so I decided to go back to the spot I hunted Saturday morning...[good decision on my part]:D....I leaned up against the tree and in a very shot period of time I heard a deer coming. I looked behind me and here came another doe...same trail as the day before...she came by at about 10-12 feet....and I let her go by me hoping a buck might be chasing her...she went out of sight and no buck. In just a few seconds she came back and stopped at about 20 yards quartering to me...I raised the 400 yard 300WSM and fired.

Imediately her entire stomach was hanging out of her and she ran behing me down the hill about 100 yards. The only thing left in her was her lungs....everything else fell out on the ground as she was running.

I got on the radio and told Meathead to come and help....he called Darren and he and Vipe rode the Mule back there. We let TurkeyEye do the tracking....since he had never did it.

Meathead finished gutting the doe and he and Darren drug it back up the ridge to the Mule and loaded it up.

And I still have not touched that deer....TurkeyEye held her for me for the photo :D


Nice DECAL on my back window...
Who's that tubby guy in the back of that group picture? :eek: Damn cameras always distorting things. ;)

Flipper didn't tell you what happened immediately preceding the expert medical attention he received. :rolleyes: Here's my half of the story: We had just gotten to the E.R. and there was no wait (big surprise on my part); the "triage nurse" took him right to the patient chair and sat him down to get his BP and stuff. I'm thinking that she'll get that mess done, he'll go get his shot, and we'll be back in the truck in a half-hour or so. Well, right after the nurse sat Flipper down she immediately turned her back on him, went back to her desk, and proceeded to take up an argument with another nurse about wheelchairs. "These are our wheelchairs." "I was told that the wheelchairs belonged to everyone, not just one particular department." "Well, these are ours. We're short." "Last week you guys had forteen wheelchairs and we didn't have any. That makes the E.R. look bad to patients." Etc. While they're arguing about who gets the wheelchairs, I'm sitting in the waiting room and Flipper is sitting behind the triage desk waiting to be admitted. We're looking back and forth between each other and the nurses, wondering when they're going to notice the camouflage-clad man behind the desk with his eye bugging out of its socket and tears streaming down his face.

Well, finally they sorted out the life-or-death wheelchair situation and saw to Flipper. He got whisked back into the E.R., and I stayed in the waiting room thinking it'd only be a few minutes. :rolleyes:

I waited. And waited. Somewhere in there I dozed off for a few minutes. I read a 2-year-old copy of "Kentucky Fish and Game" magazine. And waited.

About an hour and a half or so later the triage nurse came out of the E.R. I had no idea of what was going on in the back, but she told me that they had given "Mr. Wells" some eye drops and they were watching him for a few minutes, and would soon set him free. At that point I knew Flipper wasn't going to be a happy man, because he had already told me that eyedrops don't help his problem. Little did I know.... Anyway, a half hour after that they came and got me and I went back to see Flipper. He was obviously in a mood, and the hospital people were fawning all over him like he was the King of Kentucky. His eye was looking somewhat better, but the pupil was shrunk to the size of a pencil lead. :eek: Some guys have all the luck, I guess. :D
That was a great story and hunt you guys.....!!!!

I am sure there is more? well I hope there is...

And way to go TurkeyEYE... nice buck you got there....

Well we could start sumthing like when we got back from saturday afternoon hunt there was Flipper and Vipe talking out in front of the hotel. But all she did was to wake Flipper up from the only sleep he had got all weekend to see if he was alright.

Or where the resteraunt down there served me a soggy non-sandwich :mad: :rolleyes: or where I was watching the hotel as we drove by the exit as Meathead was driving and talking on the cell phone. :D He asked why didnt I say anything. I told him it was rude to interrupt him while he was talking and driving. ;) Then on way back to exit I told him that it was our exit

It is so funny that Flipper has a 400 yard gun and all he does is shoot it 20 yards at most. LMAO

What is the ballistics on that mmmmmmmmm

On all the great hunting stories Flipper and Meathead had. I liked the one " I love you baby" most. LOL

Darren and his great driving is something to see. But I actaully got to use the 4 wheel drive on our Jeep finally. I was worried a couple times tho. Like while we was watching Flipper drive sideways out the road and it was my turn after them. I had no problems tho in that area. (As Vipe would say I wouldnt since I had a woman telling me how to do it)
And don't forget Meathead's "I GUARANTEE there won't be a gratuity on that receipt or I'll have the cops in the parking lot in 5 minutes!" (Picture the skinny teeny waiter boy cowering in the kitchen and quivering with fear of the big bearded Tennessean with the booming voice.) And then there's Flipper fanning himself with his hat after Meathead (mostly) and I (a little) dragged his 1000-pound doe up about 10 miles of steep, brush covered hill. ;) The only thing we were missing was some lesbians to keep Vipe company while we were hunting.
BTW.....thanks to Darren and Meathead for their hard work :D

It was hot and steep....but you guys did a good job :D
Wow, glad you got out alright, of the hospital ER. If you don't touch them you're ok? Can you use those rubber gloves? What an allergy!

Did you guys and Vipe drink any Kentucky bourbon to celebrate anything?

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That is one thing I am glad I didn't see down there is lesbians. MR.STUCK-O- :D :D
Had a lot of fun watchin Darren and Meathead pull that doe out for Flipper.
The way he was fannin him self you would think he was doing all the work of gettin that doe out.

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Well I can say that after I heard the shot Sunday morning and it's location. I knew it was Flipper. So I put 2 and 2 together and stayed where the heck I was. :D I knew there was going to be work somewhere. LOL Then they wondered why it took me so long to get back to the vehicles. ;)

I found Darren's trail cam also. I hope there was film in it. I went by it backwards with my pants down just to see if it works. :D
Great pics guys! I really like that shot of the bunch of you all together. I feel for you Flipper. I am not a huge fan of the medical community either. I've had some ugly experiences myself. :mad: Hope you are doing better! Sounds like a great time with a bunch of great people. Hope I get to meet some of you come Caucus time. I know that is an awfully long way to come for a BBQ.
Nice animals. You gotta love that 12 foot shot. That's usually a high percentage shot.
I waited five years to bad my first buck. I was 17. But things are a little different in Wisconsin if you don't own your own land. I hope Turkeyeye realizes how lucky he is. Either that or I got screwed growing up!

Where can I get a sticker like the one in your back window? Moosie just came to MT decked out in gear but he didn't hook me up!