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hunting boots


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Nov 23, 2003
gilbert , arizona
anyone here use Irish Setter brand boots? im looking at them in cabelas, im on a way limited budget and they look like a decent boot for the price, any thoughts?
I actually have a pair of boots I got from Sportsman's Guide for $49 that work well in moderate temperatures (like down to about 25 degrees but no colder than that). I have been pleasantly surprised by them. I bought them just for mild upland hunting, but have used them for just about all of my "fair weather" hunting. They are very light. They are waterproof, but I would not count on them for prolonged exposure or for very cold temps. I got the 200 gram version, which doesn't seem available anymore.

I also have a pair of the Cabela's Outfitters with 1000 gr insulation that I love for the really cold and foul weather.
Momma told me to pick out a pair of boots for Christmas, and said I had a hundred bucks to spend. I looked at Cabelas, then I found a pair I liked at Bass Pro Shops. Made by Rocky. Ranger, I think was the model. They were $89.95, if I remember correctly.
Drive up to 17 and 101 to the sportsmans wharehouse and try them on. I did not think the ones I tried on were very comfortable.
Cabelas outfitter boots are worth the money my cousin has two pair and wears them all fall and winter. MYSELF well I was sick and tired of blisters and went with the Danner ELk Hunters. Best boot I have ever had. Wear like iron. The ones I have are warm so if the season is early the 200 gram would be better.
I have the 1000 gr Outfitter boots from Cabela's. They are great, but too warm for anything less than a foot of snow and cold temps. They were comfortable from the start and required very little break-in. From what I understand, they are made by Danner for Cabela's.

At temps way below zero, it seems that the Vibram soles freeze and stiffen up, and don't clean themselves out. The snow builds up and it's like you are walking on sleds or skis. The orangish-colored soles on pac-type boots work much better. I found this out while sliding all over the hills in Montana a couple of years ago!
I haven't really heard of that kind of boots. But here's the hunting boots that I would like to get one day...Cabela's Outfitter Series Boots, the 10 in ones in size 6. I even put them on my Christmas list. Here's the bad part though, they are $159.95 without shipping and handling so I don't think I'm going to get them.
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The way your luck is running(the car post), maybe you should just consider a cheap pair of rubber boots
Seriously though, consider the Meindel's offered by Cabela's. They're about as nice a boot that I have ever owned. Good Luck -memtb
I second the Meindl's suggestion. Though they aren't cheap, they are by far the best $$$ I've invested in my hunting. This is what prompted me to get 'em
dam 1point, them some good looking steaks hanging off the back of your feet!! cut those boys off and grill em up!
good thing i saw this post after lunch...
I love rocky's for comfort, i am on my 8th pair. My bitch is they leak after a maximum of 2 seasons.
I was told Cabalas were made by Danner, anyone know of this being true?
I'm thinking I made a good choice on the boots that I want huh? I figure that if I ever hunt in the snow again my feet will stay nice and warm with them.
Plus I through some waterproofing stuff on them my feet will be dry too

I'll be able to run all around them woods with you Bill.
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Nick W is right on both accounts.... Danner and Schnees, but he is blowing the budget, as they are both more than the original $$$ amount. But, boots are kind of funny. The good ones last 2x as long, and can be rebuilt for 35% of the money. So expensive boots are cheaper....
Don't forget to go to the "Popular" outdoor outfitters for less. They have Rockies and other brands for way less or comperable prices. At least you can try them on there and see for yourself.

I'm pretty sure there's on on Southern Ave in Mesa and there's also one in Chandler on Alma School/Warner. NW corner.

Good Luck. I bought my Rockies from the Chandler store.