How'd you meet your wife/hubby ?


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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
HAd a question asked to me the other day by Crow Woman. So I began to wonder how Everyone else met their "OTHER".

I actually met my wife on the Pocatello Cruise, Like the "DRAG". She was with another girl I knew and we pulled up to say hi and they got into my car. It kind of Evolved from there.

What's your story ?
I forgot how I met mine... it was so long ago....


All I remember is that I was working for my neighbor whho worked for bekin van lines we were in oregon, She was on vacation. I was in a bar, she was in a resturant. I was looking for the bathroom, She was eating dinner with her friend. Some how I ended up at her table

Moosie, what technique did you use to make yourself standout from all those other guys on the DRAG? Was it an exceptional mullet, a muscle car, or did you get beat up and she felt sorry for you?

I personally met my wife in a college physics class, and then stalked her for six years till she surrendered and married me. CANT BE HAPPY FOREVER! MAY AS WELL DO IT.

280, do you sit by the screen waiting for Moosie to post?
I met The Wife in the freshman year of high school...been with her ever since. Dated for 9+ years before we married. Actually, I first laid eyes on her 2 years prior to that at some sort of school function, but was too awkward & shy to say hello. By 9th grade I had grown enough 'nads to actually speak to her, got to know her, and arranged a "date" (you know...can't drive, mom takes you both to the movie theater and picks you up hot stuff), and then found out that my "friend" had arranged a date for me with another girl for the same evening. Had to choose between the two. Happily, I chose correctly. And contrary to popular belief, she is absolutely no relation to me whatsoever.
yeah. youve got me outnumbers 2 to 1 in posts, so ill have to double reply to catch up

loosen up, just kidding ya.
yeah. youve got me outnumbers 2 to 1 in posts, so ill have to double reply to catch up

loosen up, just kidding ya.
rocky double post nice job that will catch ya up in a hurry, I was just being a smart ass,,,How`s the Griz look this year?
Top of Mt Barron, I was on the way down carrying a chamois I'd shot, she was out with her sister doing a day hike wearing these tiny little white shorts,she started on about shooting defenceless animals,I just kept looking at those little shorts and nodding my head
280, i dont follow too closely but it sounds like they'll kick ass again this year. Gonna be 2 good quarterbacks similar to the last however many years. So far my house is safe and my hunting area is green. Hope the fires dont burn you out.
the fires of 2000 burned up 2 tree stands and all the steps over a couple of elk wallows, damn Forest Service wouldn`t cominsate for lost personnel property either.J/k,,,so far my areas look ok but stage 3 clousures look right around the corner.
I could see moosie with a mullet,,,and a tank top two sizes to small with the words "FEAR THE MULLET" printed on the chest

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First time I noticed Vipe was at a family picnic
We played a game of softball and I kept hitting into th ebig water puddle and makinge her fetch it while I ran the bases for a home run. LOL

Then 6 months later I was at my aunt's and there she was along with another gal playing "I'm under the mistletoe Freddie"

She was the better kisser. Then we started dating. That was funny also because I was engaged to be married the next June to even another gal.

Oh her brother was married to my cousin was the way we hooked up. The first time she saw me was at their wedding. I was 16 and she was 12 so I didnt notice her then.
A great Quote from Jeff Fox Worthy: "You might be a redneck if you go to family reunions to meet women!"

J/K Nut!

Met my wife at college, we had a couple of classes together and lab classes too. We became friends and the rest is a long story.

One of us was real drunk!!!! She says it was me. It's a long story, she doesn't drink. I did. We got married, I got sober. Been with her for 31 years. End of story.

Hahahahaahahah! Funny chit!

I notice Rocky Log and 280 seem to go back aways.

How did you two girls meet?
I meet Lady Nutcracker in High School. The 10th grade, in German class as a matter of fact..we started dating in 11th grade, and the rest is history..We've been married for 25 years this year..
Sometime ask her about the tougne sandwitch


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it was all my buddys falt an i cuss him out every time i see him he wanted to go out with this girl she wouldnt go unless her girl friend had a date ....that was 24 years a go

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