HOW much BAIT is enough ?


Grand poopa
Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Just wanting to get some thoughts on what constitutes enough bait. We set the barrel out and filled it after the Opening on April 15th. 2 days later had a hit then went dormant for about 1-2 weeks.. Was still early though... then It picked up, We dumped about a 55 GAllon Barrel of bread / grain / corn / dogfood .. Ect every 3 nights or so, it's getting Emptied out and Licked clean....

Today we hauled in about 700# (665# to be exact)of meat and 4 game bags of bread, and 2-5 gallon buckets of Bacon Greese !!! We're planning to go back in Tuesday Evening )or Monday if I can swing it) but wondering if We're dumping too much ? or not enough ?

We have seen 6 different bears on the site and tonight there was at least 2 just outside of sight, ElkTurd got to see one of them 2 times but at my angle I could jsut hear him... They were hesitated to come in, MAny reasons probably, but jsut wondering on the Bait ? Do we dump as much as my back can haul ? or let it go dry for awhile ?

I think We're going to try that system to keep the little ones out, But just haven't done it yet..... I'm guessing they eat alot too. But by the dinner plate piles of crap that we're seeing I'm guesing they get fed good
My guess is you now have enough bait, but I don't think you want it to run out. They need to know there is ALWAYS food there.

If they are eating too much bait, you could always SHOOT some of the bears, D'oh! Or are you really just doing this for the Photos????
Wouldn't it be better to just walk in a couple three old horses laden down with goodies, shoot them and leave them in a pile with the sweets..I kinda thought this was your plan all along...
ELKCHSR... ME do something like that ?!?! Heck, That could offend someone. Even if I did I probably wouldn't post anything about it..... That being said, Let's just say I think there will be enough stuff down there by Tuesday....
I'd pack as much food in as possible. Like elkgunner mentioned, you dont want the bears to find an empty station because then they would move on. Spread that bacon grease on some trees up high, that way when the bears go to lick it (and they will) you can judge the size (somewhat atleast) by how high the claw marks are. also remove all the grass and crap at the base so its just dirt so you might have a good chance at some paw prints to see how big they are also. Good luck oscar. we seen 4 bears today near that spot I was talking about for you and your dad.