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Dec 9, 2000
Boise, Idaho
Alright.. How many days did you hunt thus far. I know the season isn't over. I still got ducks/geese and might slip out for a 'yote if I'm really board....

But how many days have you been in the Field hunting this year?

I just went back through my hunting log and have logged in 67 days this year
I'm guessing I'll log in about 10 more days before years end. BY FAR the most I've ever done. Lastyear was the old record with 59 days logged in. Prior years ran more like 20-30 some odd days.

Anyone else logged anything close to that ? (MtMiller/Buzz , It doesn't countthat you guys are in the field every day with work, although that is cool too
I'm confident that I'm over 30, probably pretty close to 40. I'm sure I'll put in close to 50 before the end of the year. Thats not counting coyote hunting, there'll be alot of that this winter.
9!! Yes, that's right, nine! Is that the record?
Unfortunately, there's other things that must take precedence over hunting right now. But, I've still got two deer tags and an elk tag to fill in the next two months.
I haven't kept track of the days-a-field, only the shit I have killed along the way.

Every year I try to track days in the field and on the pond, but it usually falls apart before I get through September.

If I had to guess, I would say 68.
Not sure where I will end up, I guess I will have to wait until I see what Moosie will do.
What's your Duck/goose count Miller for the year (This season, not the Calendar year) ? Jsut wondering how far back I am from ya still ?!?!

I think the Average hunter puts 10 days a year into hunting. Thats what I honestly think. I know alot that just hunt opening weekend of deer then Opening of elk and thats it. this year will be the record for life I'm sure. I'd like to be at 30 though every year.

Speaking of, HEading out in the AM again for a quick Duck hunt. Got skunked last time (Except that Quail I quess).
Moosie, best to keep that from other household members. I remember one year when I used to keep track it was 139 days.. counting evening glassing trips, scouting, hunting, backpacking, fishing..etc. I've learned those things are best not documented or brought up with some folks (the boss of the household) because they can be used against you, even years later. I didn't count scouting this year, but I know I scouted for elk about the same amount as I hunted for elk, which was 10 days. For antelope I scouted 8 days and hunted 5 days. For deer, I scouted none and hunted 3 days. Bears... didn't count, I hunted one day, but went along quite a few more times with a friend. If I had to guess this year, total days out, it would be about 50 days or so and will be closer to 70 before the year is over.
You have to pace yourself...
Thats Just it. I know I'll log more days this year then Any other year.. I can Always look back at this year and Say... "I know I've hunted 43 days already this year in 2008 HUN... but It's not as Much as I used to hunt. Remember back in 2003 When I hunted "X" days"

Always working for the Advantage, not the disadvantage
<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> What's your Duck/goose count Miller for the year (This season, not the Calendar year) ? Jsut wondering how far back I am from ya still ?!?!

I doubt that I am ahead of you. I was limited this year because of the early freeze up. I have 37 in the bag and that number may be it. I think it supposed to negative numbers before I get home.

Since I started chasing waterfowl in '98, I have been between mid-40's and 72. Guess I will be a little short this year.
Oh well, I finally got my brother up here to duck hunt and that will be my highlight.
BTW Moosie, what constitutes a hunt day? I was out this morning looking for the buck I passed up opening day. Obviously I couldn't shoot him legally, but toted the rifle in case a 'yote wanted to die.

To put some salt in the wound, my hunting buddy saw that buck last night camped out with a doe and another 4pt about a 1/4 mile from where I first found him.

I couldn't find him this morning, most likely because it is snowin' and blowin' like a beech. Figures the weather gets good for hunting after I am filled.
Geeze I bet I have maybe a weeks worth and that was the beginning of the year in JAN.

Now if you ask me about fish days I would say around 150+ maybe 200 days on the water this year, kinda slowed up a little from past years but was up from last year.

Now starting in dec of this year to end of feb of 2004 I need to be on the water a min of 60 days and there are 80 days till that tourny

Plan is to fish a min of every other day starting in dec but knowing me I will wait till the end of dec .

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>BTW Moosie, what constitutes a hunt day? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Uhhhh any day you go out hunting ? I count the 1 hour duck hunt mornings as well as the 18 Hour elk days. It all averages out I guess ??!?! I didn't always Count travel days like the Friday I left to hunt Sat. Unless it was to Canada or Alaska. Cuz it was all hunting related then. (Log wise)

I think I'm 12 ducks behind you still, I need to count tonight again in the log. I think I'm 25 ducks and 6 "goos'es"
Last year I had 30 quackers with 1 goose, Larry had 10 with 4, and Elk Turd had 28 with 4.
moosie, when are we sposed to go hunting on the snake? I have permission, and i got the pickup, gas, gun, shells, so im ready to go!
11 days deer and counting, and this weekend will be 13.
Elk, NM 2 1/2 days, CO 5days
Its been a slow year for me, just busy and the weather was warm for deer so my motivation was slow.
23 days for deer
5 days for elk
1 for duck/goose
2 for pheasant
1 for grouse

the take: 1 deer and 2 ducks, not very great odds heh? LOL

I'll end up getting about 75 days on the stream this year though, which is as high as it has been since the little ones came along..........
I would say about 23 so far and I haven't given the quail there do yet this year. Our late season dove hunt opened again today so I should get some time in on them. Good Luck, JLG. 25.

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i dont keep a log but i do know i have over 50 days that i can count and im missing alot of half days and things like that. it helps that my season started in august and wont end until january.
At the very least half as much as I wanted to! I did a rough count and it's around 50 days so far that I can remember, there's probably a day or two that have slipped my mind. I'm still planing on about 5 to 10 more before the season ends. I bet if you ask my wife she would say I've been gone twice that much
20 days this year as I only had 30 days vacation and there is no hunting where i'm at now.
But they do have Falconery. Hmm might have to look into that.
Next year planning on spending the 30+ days in Idaho so looking forward to that

Happy trails
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