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How I Feel.

old man

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Aug 14, 2011
shelton CT.
I have been here many times before so much off you know me by user name but not me personal y.I have this feeling that I have to say this. When i was in service many years ago I fond Jesus Christ. I have always TRIED to live my life the way I thought he would want me to. So he has definitely watched over my family and i all these years.first off he sent me my wife about 2 months after i came home,we dated a few months and then ran off to get married.(Her mother did not approve of me until she got to know me ) Been happily Married for 57 years.

I never had a good paying job so we really struggled at times trying to raise two boys, (Which are now in fifties and never smoked, drank ,done drugs or ever been in trouble.) But whenever we really needed the money it always came to us in one way or another.That is even why i have been able to do all these hunts.

Also while in the service i managed to shoot myself in the knee with a single action 22 pistol while hunting rabbits. the Doctors told me i would never walk on that leg again, yet here i am still walking on it even thou it does give me problems at times. my wife and i are also Cancer servievers, mine was cut out hers was burnt out. And the list goes on. Hope i did not bore any one.
I'm glad to see you still around and kicking. Congrats to you and your wife, and your sons are testimony to how you are as a man and role model.
If you ask me, you're a very blessed man! And you are correct, He has watched over you and your family!
Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for sharing old man. Lord willing when I'm your age I can say the same about marriage and kids. 3 kids and 16 years so far. Thanks for sharing your hearts feelings.