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Bill Christy

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May 26, 2022
I am a 69 year solo old elk hunter. I need to purchase a hot tent for hunting. There are a lot of hot tents on the market. I was wondering if someone could clue me in on a good style hot tent and wood stove. I've been leaning toward a bell style tent for the standing room (5' 11"). I've been using a 3-season dome style tent with a Mr. Buddy heater, but the frost inside the tent, caused by the propane, is a real headache. Any suggestions?
Watch Gritty’s hot tent and stove YouTube video! Very informative
Just a tip on your threads: try to put them in the most related forum. This one is under “Rules and Announcements “ and would be best under “Gear”, and your threads on hot springs are also under “Rules and Announcements)” and would be best under “Elk”. Some people view all new posts; others specific forums only. May get you more responses. 👍
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lots of variables that need to be settled like budget, canvas or nylon, how big, solo setup, etc.

Personally, I've done the floorless with titanium stove and the novelty wore of quickly. Especially when I couldn't stand up or dry gear real well. The single wall tent was quick to build condensation once the stove was out. I've froze my butt off on the cold ground while stocking the stove every hour to maintain above zero temps inside.

A wall tent has its drawbacks like weight, size of footprint, etc but dang a nice warm tent to stand in and to walk around is fantastic.

Now I have a big Kodiak canvas 12x12 tent with a floor and woodstove. Great decision but a PIA to put up alone. A smaller tent would have been better for solo stuff and yet I find myself wanting to add the front vestibule and damn that's a lot of stupid stuff for a week. 😅

The 8 man cabelas tent has a stove jack. If you have their credit card the price is pretty wild (especially if you buy on a monday in december).

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