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Hi all, new here


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Jun 12, 2004
Just thought I would say hi. My name is Sam, I am from Montana. I have met one guy on here, MtMiller. He went on a hunt with my dad 2 weeks ago, ironically enough. My dad is Tony from 3-D Archery in Vaughn. He is the fella with the bear that went farther than everyone elses due to the larger amount of blood!! LOL! Anyhoo, just wanted to say hi. My son and I are going on a hog hunt in Idaho next week and I hope to have some great pics for all. He is 10 going on 18 and I cant wait to see him stick a big ol` boar! Talk later...Speedbow20
Welcome aboard Sam. It was a pleasure meeting you last weekend and hopefully I will be in town this afternoon to pick a bow from your dad. If not, good luck on the hog hunt. From what your dad mentioned, it will be a great time.
Glad to have you here at Moosie's place speedbow20. Looking forward to hearing some stories and seeing some pictures. Good luck on you hunt and I hope your son scores.
Speedbow, welcome aboard. You used to post over at Motodrive, correct?
Welcome aboard speedbow20!! Pull up a seat and enjoy. Don't hesitate to post pics and stories....all are welcome. Hogs in Idaho? Where's that taking place out of curiousity.
Going hog hunting in Shoshone, north of twin Falls. LOL@ The Tone, Ya, I used to go over and razzle some guys over there. Pissed some off, hope one wasn`t you.
Didn't bug me at all. Some serious looneys over there. I think some of them miss you from time to time ;)
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