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Jul 8, 2002
Man this a great photo!



WOW! That is a great looking photo! But where is the "Airedale"? Had to have been a fine "Airedale" to toll all those coyotes back to the shooter.

Danny, it saddens me to think, all those years of hunting coyotes, we never used a WT or an "Airedale". Where did we go wrong?

I do hope we get some info on the photo.

Take care.
I know a fella from California that got 112 critters on four weekend club hunts, that's less then 8 days of hunting, and ( has the pics to prove it ) or another fella from Arizona that had 264 coyotes 8 bobcats and 5 grays in 24 days. Non of these guys had dogs with them, nor did they use WT callers. So what are the guys without WTs and no dogs doing wrong? I'm sure they'd love to know.

You and Danny keep firing him up so that I end up catching an earful of shit, and I'll have to tell the story of that picture.

I've heard it a couple of times, and can promise to tell it "to the best of my recollection"

Sorry fellas, been at some out of town meetings the last couple of days.

I should make up a story, but the truth is these 'yotes were shot from a helipopter and dropped off to me and two other guys. We then collected blood and organ samples. The information was used to see what disease concerns there may be in a black-footed ferret reintroduction area.

The picture was taken just north of CMR NWR in central Montana.

Guess it doesn't count a hunting pic, but thought I would share it anyway.

BTW, I am the one with the gold hair (a California vacation that got a little bit out of hand)
Well Boys, there you have it.

They were not shot with a .17 (pop gun) and an "Airedork" was not used!
It is clearly evident, that what we need is a "Helicopter", and by God (ooopppsss I should not use that word), don't let any man(?) tell us different.

Take care, and be sure to read between the lines.
I suppose before any of the "Airedalers" get their shorts in a wad over my comments, I should say it is only in fun. I think it was Tim that coined the phrase "Airdorks", and I about fell out of my chair the first time I heard it. Do I like "Airedales"? No I do not. Do I like any dog on the stand? No, I do not.
Do I like the .17? I guess I would if I had one, but I shoot a 22-250 and get along just fine with it, and I like it. What a man shoots is his "personal business".

There is a man by the name of Bob McCellan out in northern California, who hunts with Airedales. If there is anyone who hunts Airedales, and has the key to success, it is Bob. He does an outstanding job of using them to the fullest extent. His method is "Total Control" and there is a wealth of information in the phrase - "Total Control."

I will say this about the "Airedalers", although few in numbers, "They are a compassionate bunch."

Take care.
Miller- Looks like fun! I dig the hair!!!
You didn't catch too much flak over that in MT did you???
A cool pic anyway

I was kinda wondering about all those open paunches.

Gold hair?

I'd say your vacation got a little more than out of hand!
Why not submit a picture in our contest of your neighbor and his dogs playing tug of war with a housecat. He'd probably forget about those airdale cracks if he was crowned Most Devastating Varminter in Cyberspace.

Aw; go easy on those poor damned hairdales Bruce....I read somewhere they rank 29th in intelligence, among some 50 odd breeds, even out ranked by a poodle! Maybe you ought to get you a poodle for toiling or tolling or whatever it is called
Gee thanks Troy. That might be the only way I will catch an STD any more. I just keep getting older and uglier everyday.
Haha! Pony Boy...that's damn funny!, were you guys checking for canine distemper? I guess that can really knock the heck out of a ferret population.

Yea Oak, distemper was one thing we looked for, but plague was also important.

Gotta protect those little guys.

Cool pic. I saw his cousin, Mustela frenata, kill a golden-mantled ground squirrel last week. That was pretty entertaining.

You mean this guy is a killer?


As for ferrets, they are a killing machine. Nothing like watching a 2 1/2 poind weasel kill something bigger than himself.

It can be a pretty interesting fight aboveground.

The results are always the same.