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Hey Greeny, where's Russill?

Casey Richardson

New member
Mar 18, 2002
Missoula, Mt/Wollaston Lake Saskatchewan
Heym just made it over to the "other" board last night. Haven't been over there in weeks. Never got to see any of the Russil posts, too bad love to see a little good spiritted jousting. Did Swamp boot you? If so I would like to know because I am pulling my sponsorship and ad. If he can't let a little freedom of speech fly I have a problem with that, additionally there is one other situation and this would be the straw. Happy hunting, Casey
Casey... talked to Greeny Friday evening.. He was Drinking with Weak-end Whorior ;) Anyway, I don't think he was booted, Guys like Swamp are a little stuffy but know what is right and who not to ban... I think Greeny falls under that catagory ;)

Anyway, I wish I would have saved that HAVE you ever use your underwear for toilet paper topic... I posted that I think thaty was jsut gross... I use my face mask instead.
HAHA... I think that might have been the straw that broke the cammes back ?!?! ;)

Anyways, THE posts were FUNNY, BUT that is a serious board and more of the "SNOTTY" attitudes.
I was going to tell about the time that the combination of the Mexican food and cervesa did not agree with me, and I had to use my skivvies for TP while mountain quail hunting, but the topic was deleted before I got a chance. Of course, there was also the time my buddy came to wake us up to hit the field hog hunting and I opened the door and puked on his shoes at 4:30 AM...but now I guess the stories will never be told. :(

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