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Dec 30, 2003
I just found this place...(where the hell have I been) Great site!. Hope ya dont mind me invading!!
Where inthe Hell HAVE you been ? If you were a "good" hunter, You'd of Found us before today

WELCOME aboard !!! Hope you didn't check your Sense of Humor at the door, You might need it here
And I hope you don't mind looking at BIG (And small if I shoot them ..
), dead Critters... Cuz this Place is Full of them !!!!
Aw, A place to relax! I didnt check my sense of humor at the door.
I have been reading some of the posts here. Its pretty sweet to see how active this board is. Looks like its well maintained to!! I have to admit, I heard about the adult section on this site
under the old oregon bashing rofl...curiousity just got the best of me I guess. I am glad I checked it out. This is my kinda place! And moosie, I think we could have a good war on who has killed the smallest deer
Browtine, Heck.. I've killed OK deer and SMALL deer... This next year is the Year for Big deer. I'm going to get an IDAHO DANDY !!!! (I think I can.. I think I can...I think I can !!) Hehe

Well, It is Kind of Active sometimes, It's just like Any board though. People come, People go. Sometimes it's Active, Sometimes It's Slow.... Some people post 20 times a Day some 2 times a Year, But usually if someone falls off the Ban wagon and then Comes back, they wonder why they left
And we're like Denny's, OPEN 24 hours !!!!

I'd also like ot see a picture if you have one.

And if you like this site, Send an Email to your Buddies and Invite them over. We have alot of Room... Even if you're from Utah .. SNICKER SNICKER ...
Welcome aboard Brandon. Since you are posting under the deer forum I will assume you chase mulies in UT. Tell me there are some big bucks still around. I am due to draw a tag one of these years.

Take care and looking forward to hearing about hunting in your neck of the woods.
there are still some good deer in utah. What area are you putting in for?

Moosie, I am about the same when it comes to mule deer. I have kiiled a couple that are ok. Last few years I have been archery hunting....Thats a killer. I have been after one deer in particular for 3 years now without success. I have passed on some really decent deer looking for the one im after. This year I hunted hard but never got an oportunity on the big one. Late in the season I decided I was just going to kill my first archery buck. As luck would have it, I was able to kill a deer with a bow. He is a 6x8 "6 inches tall and 8 inches wide" LOL Its true though. Just a spike, but, it was taken with a bow. For me, That was all I could ask for. I am actually still pretty proud. I have a 3yrs old and a 1.5 year old sons. They watch hunting flicks with me just about everyday with the outdoor channel. When I brought the deer home, I have never seen them more excited. I have some video and I would be happy to post some pics.
Welcome aboard and don't mind the spelling around here
Where abouts in Utah and have any pictures of big deer.
I see and shoot all the small deer around here. But, thats the only kind that grow in this state because of the heat

Good to see ya over on the "darkside"!! You''ll enjoy it here! Ive been here almost a week now and I love it!!

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>I have some video and I would be happy to post some pics. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

OK.... Dio we need to Email you a Request or WHAT ?!?! Post the Dam PICS Already !!!

Anaconda ... Thanx man, I'll take that as a Compliment

Looks like a lot of new people joined here in the past weeek or so....Including me
I have been a passive member of MM for a few years and a fairly active member at.........well....That other site RT
I have loved the pics that you mule deer guys have been posting. Keep them coming!

This is a GREAT site. I think you will be as happy about finding it as the rest of us!
I will get some pics posted. I havent had any time lately and I have to review some of the video to grab the pics...

Hey moosie, I dont see a shed forum on here so I will be posting some pics in the elk section. I havent posted really any shed pics on MM so, I guess im gonna share here.
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