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Heading to RMEF national show..............

I met Stan today. Heck of a good guy. They were displaying some great video footage of hunts. There are some whopper bulls down in AZ. Hope the RMEF convention gets them some clients!
I Got to Reno tonight with a hunting buddy from Fresno. I'll be at the RMEF tomorrow morning.
Went out for steaks, whiskey and poker, now it's back to the hotel.
T-bone, if you go back tomorrow, I'll be by Stans booth about noon, maybe I'll see ya there.
Well I spent all day yesterday at the RMEF in Reno. Must have walked five miles, it was a great show. I spent hours talking to Stan (AZ402) and watching videos ( Stan really knows his elk, thanks for all the advice ) I attended a Dwight Schuh seminar on bowhunting elk, and afterwards, I meet Mr. Schuh and we talked for quite a while.
Also got a chance to drool over ALL the latest top end optics ( the new Leica ultravid binos are awsome ! ) Meet half a dozen custom gunsmiths
and see at least fifty mounted bulls, probably a dozen 400 class.
This was without a dought the best outdoor/hunting show I've ever seen, I'll be back next year.

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Dan and Tyson, Had a great time talking with the two of you. I think the show was the best one in the last four that I have gone to. We had a good show and met a lot of great people like always..................