Hard Questions for Mr. Newberg About Fouled Moose Kill, Season 8, Episode 1


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Aug 20, 2021
I would take a 470 yard shot if a solid rest when have a moose-size set of vitals in the scope. I have hit everything I have shot at at over 400 yards which is two animals, pronghorn and Coues deer. Never felt my shots were less than fully ethical and the vitals are smaller on those animals compared to a moose. I had no pressure to create content though have the deer shot on film so maybe a slight correlation as I squeezed the trigger. Boom. Flop.
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Mr. Newberg -

We were disappointed with your 470+ yard, unethical shot at a Bull Moose in BC in Season 8, Episode 1 of Fresh Tracks - and have some hard questions for you:

When you shot the moose at the end of this episode, you admit that the shooting conditions were "bad" and that they bull was "way, way out there" at 470+ yards. Yet you took, by our count, 5 shots, including one that hit the animal's antlers. Clearly, this moose was outside of your ethical shooting range and this "messy" kill was hard to watch.

So why did you take the shot?

Based on your comments after the kill, it's clear that you had some remorse.

In hindsight, do you regret taking the shot and if you had to do it again, would you shoot?

Did the pressure to create content for your TV show cause you to take an unethical shot?

Anti-hunters can now take your actions from this episode and use it against hunting. Anti-hunters can easily make the argument that if a celebrity, experienced, professional hunter like Randy Newberg will readily take an unethical shot, what does that say about the average Joe hunter with less experience?

Given what happened, why did you not cut this this unethical shot and messy kill from episode 1 footage?

Certainly your team could have edited the video to leave the moose kill out and not hand anti-hunting footage to the anti-hunting movement.

- Rob Shaul
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