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Happy Father’s Day


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Feb 24, 2021
I had a father and a dad. My father was too busy. I met my dad when I was 17. He came to my high school graduation while my father sent me a check. After I graduated from college, my father sent me a check but it was my dad that flew to LA and helped me drive the Uhaul across the Mohave desert without A/C.

I called them both on father's day, but it was my dad that wanted to chat for a while.

MT Rookie aka OR Chris

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Jun 27, 2016
ORYGUN Coast Range
I’ve been blessed to have a great dad!
I was able to be his guide on my day off in 2018 and I found him a bull ! He made the shot. A precious moment and memory.

It’s was my dads love of the outdoors that he moved us to Alaska in the early 70’s where I learned to hunt and fish , and I developed a love of the wild places.

We eventually moved back to Oregon and life took a different turn. My dad eventually got back into hunting a few decades later and then his love for me and a father wanting to go hunting with his son again , he talked me into going on a mule deer hunt in 2013. And everything I knew and loved about the woods that I’d forgotten that was still buried down inside me came back full circle and I haven’t left the woods since.

Dad and I back hunting again for the 1st in time in decades 2013 deer camp Eastern OR

It’s a main part of the chain of events that led me to Montana. And it was hard for me to leave him and my family , children and my grandchildren but his words to me were if I had a chance to go to Montana I’d go now , even as he just turned 80 he still wanted me to come here as he felt I’d have a better life in Montana. Even if he didn’t get to see me much anymore.

My Father and I having a Beer together in Red Lodge MT April 2022

There may have been some watery eyes writing this !
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Jan 2, 2018
Boise, ID
Happy Father’s Day to all.

Status report from the BackofBeyond household, everybody is sick. Both juvenile inhabitants have ear infections and fevers, the maternal member of the household also is down for the count with flue symptoms and a fever. The paternal member also is sick, but less sick than everybody else - so playing caretaker. If that ain’t the true meaning of Father’s Day, I don’t know what is.

Anyways, here a photo of some cute kids.