Had a piss poor hunt


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Aug 22, 2002
Rifle season sucked this year. I blew off hunting my private land to try a special permit Muzz hunt i drew. Last weekend was o.k. I saw a few deer and very few hunters. This weekend was a little different though...
On the last day of the hunt i turned in 3 violators in 10 minutes!
I get in my pop up blind when its still dark, and an hour later i hear footsteps. I look to see a hunter in full camo and a bow and treestand! I whistle and he sees me and turns and walks away. A couple hours later i decide to pack it up and i walked to the crest of the hill so see if any deer were lying up there. To my surprise heres this A-hole up a tree 80 yards from where i was set up! Now i am pissed for 2 reasons, no common sense to get away from my setup, and breaking 4 laws. 1,not 50% blaze orange 2,bow season is closed, 3,no permit for the muzz season, 4, used srew in tree steps on state land. So i yell out you need blaze orange! and he gets mouthy at me. I just left and figures i will calll the warden at the truck. As i get to the truck one of those Asian Hmongs comes out of the woods with a .22 and a tan coat and pants. I told him he is looking to get shot and is breaking the law. he smiles and mumbled some broken english and left as i wrote his plate number down.
So i call the ranger and they said they and a warden are on their way out. Just after i turned off the phone some guy walkes out of the refuge area (plainly marked with signs) and has a shotgun! Ask ask him if he can read signs, and told him this is a muzz area by special permit. He looks dazed and said "really?"
I took his backtag number and plate number too. What a bunch of morons. the warden was happy to make a good deal of money from my tips as he called these guys up on the phone and said they will be getting fines in the mail. Unfortunalty the real A-hole was gone by the time we got back to where he was in the tree. They had a description on a vehicle from someone else so they will watch for this guy in the future.
Now i know why i hunt my private land most of the time, it just sucks its a 3 1/2 hour drive.
By the way, the parking area where 2 of these guys parked had signs that said blaze orange required(in the hunt regs too) and a sign that said no gun hunting but muzz by permit. I cannot believe how dumb these guys are.
After it was all done a guy came out to the park lot and he was a State bioligist who had a tag for this area too. He shot a yote, a doe, and a buck all in an hour. I helped him gut and drag and he was happy. I told him he was doing me a favor because otherwise i had to go Xmas shopping with the wife
sounds like you ran into a bunch of idiots. just remember every time you get to spend time in the woods is a great day even when you dont see game so there really is no such thing as a piss poor hunt.
It was good talking to you on the horn this morning schmalts. Obviously the cell is a great tool for hunters in the field to report violations. This weekend I was in the field with another guy. As we were still hunting some coulees a saw a pick-up driving all the rims (off-road travel on BLM land). This is a violation, so I took off and tried to get in front of the guy in the vehicle. Unfortunately he traveled faster than me and was 1/2 mile away when I got up top.

One of these days I will get one of these guys. I just want to see there face as I walk out of the trees with my video camera rolling and asking them what the hell they are doing.

Oh well, we got a decent buck anyway.
Schmalts, at least you got the pleasure of bringing the law down on these MORONS. Monday (yesterday) was opening day of Muzzleloader here. I have had a stand in zone 22 since the first of August. I have killed two nice doe out of there this year in Archery season. The buck were hanging too far out. I figured the New Encore would make short work of one of them. I get there 530 yesterday morning, get in the stand and wait for daylight. Windy as hell, and cold. As it gets lighter I notice a white rag on the trail. After not seeing any deer at all, at 930 I go to check on this rag. It is soaked in fuel oil....the trail has been run over by a 4 wheeler, and fuel oil dumped in the ruts. A 5x5 ft area has been scraped clean of leaves and needles and fuel oil dumped there. I guess the anti's found me. Move back to private land tomorrow.
I did enjoy most of it, and the picture of the 8pt (4X for the goat ropers) i took the first morning is better than most guys saw so i guess i did o.k. The weather just wasnt very good for deer this past week but 2 days maybe. I just get pissed at dumb asses with no respect. I dont mind someone bending the rules a little but Damn! sometimes some of these guys are just mental

Miller, do you have the authority to write fines?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Miller, do you have the authority to write fines? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

No, I can't write tickets, but our LE is just across the hall. I learned long ago that I don't have the tolerance to perform the job.

A couple of years ago while working in a National Park I found where I deer had been killed and dragged from the park. I swear I couldn't sleep for two days.

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Just of the guys you turned in. Theri day started out probably good and then they get a fine for being dumb. Now they are pissed too. hahahahaha Oh well you did a good deed, well 3 good deeds. So don't be so pissed.
Quick Draw
I had a bad day with my son on youth day. We were hunting some public land in Maryland, and some a%$ holes thought it would be fun to fire their shotguns in our direction. We had shot raining on us for about two or three minutes. I caught up with the two guys and gave their tag numbers to the state police. When I confronted them about shooting in our direction, they first said that it was not them, then they said it might have been them, but that we should not be in the woods while they were shooting at squirrels. My son reminded them that it was youth day, and no other hunting was allowed on thet day. The younger of the two started to get an attitude, and my son said," why don't you go sit in the truck while you can still walk far enough to get there! My dad is about to rip your head off, and sh%t down your neck!" We all stood there with our mouths open at such language from a kid. Then they turned around and got in their truck and left. I don't know what this kid knows about me that I don't know, but I wish he would let me in on the secret. Those guys were about twenty years younger than me and about twice as big!
It sure does my heart good to be able to be out here and walk the distance into the back country so I don't have to deal with this type of idiots any more...I ran into a lot of them in Wa. when I hunted there...

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