grocery shopping swamp style.


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Feb 27, 2002
im meeting gunner 46 in perry florida tommorrow night for a sunday hog hunt. my wife said we were out of pork so my 5 yo begged me to take him. i talked to the guy who owns the place and he said we could catch one with the dogs and let him pop it. im going to try to get my first one with a bow. high fences are great to try new things because they cant go to far :rolleyes: . i think gunner is debating taking one with his k bar. its short notice but does anyone else want to go
Good luck you two and I sure hope you can fill your freez...
I still haven't forgot your jam Tim. I have to wait for things to ripen again so that I can make some more, then I will make sure you get some... :D
thanks russ.send what you want. my wife made strawberry but we cant get the rubarb so i have to suffer
. we are leaving in a couple of hours to head over so ill get you some pics tommorrow