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Gray market optics?

T Bone

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Jan 8, 2001
Eastern Idaho
I've been looking on the internet for a decent set of binos. There is one place I've found where the prices are way below the reputable places (Bear Basin, SWFA, etc).

The manufacturers won't honor a warranty unless the bino is purchased from a licensed dealer.....So how does one know for sure if they are a licensed dealer??? And even if the binos were purchased in the gray market, how would the manufacturer know?
I don't know how they'd know, but the piece of mind would be worth the difference to me. As hard as I am on my stuff, I just like knowing it will be taken care if I break it.

Keep checking SWFA's internet specials page, they usually have steal now and again.
It depends on the brand, but most "Gray Market" stuff dosn't come with the U.S.A warrentie card.
If the manu. dosn't have a filled out card on file, they won't honor the warrentie.
I belive some of the gray mk. stuff still has the european warrentie, so you could always ship it back to Germany if it breaks. Gray market isn't illagle or anything, just call hotbuysbinoculars and ask em.
For what its worth, the website I mentioned above with the unbelievable prices is just that....I called and got a live person, he wouldn't give me a yes or no if he was a dealer for Minox or any of the other good bino's he had advertised.

As my grandfather would say, "if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, its problably a duck".
Yes, hotbuys is a gray market dealer. Someone over on 24hour got burned and that's how I found out.
CABELA's often discounts their hunting stuff in January to reduce inventory. Bushnell H2O series have brighter and clearer optics than Nikon.

Oh, I forgot that some of the guys on this website disapprove of discounted binoculars for big game hunting.

All I have used in the past and currently are low end bino's. I'm convinced you don't have to have $1000 binos around your neck to enjoy the mountains and consistently kill deer, elk, lopes, bear, turkey or whatever it is I'm chasing.

I do know the more time I spend behind binos instead of stumbling and bumbling around I see more game which increases my chance of finding the right setup or the right headgear to put an arrow into or blast them with the rifle.

I want something better than my current setup. Right now I can afford it. If I can get good glass with a bulletproof warranty at a low price, I'm there.

Question on Cabela's bargain cave. I've heard rumor that sometimes they will verbally bargain even lower than the posted internet price. Has anyone personally done that? They have the Minox 10x52's in there right now.......

Good hunting!
I'm looking at Bear Basin and SWFA. Bear Basin has better prices on the models I'm looking at right now. The phone service at Bear Basin is top notch. I talked with a guy there. I told him what I was looking for and how much I wanted to spend. He gave me his preferences in order. Their advertised prices are flexible if you talk to them. I'm in no hurry on buying so will keep trolling around for the right deal.
Have you tried SWFA ( ) or Both reputable, good prices and full warrenties. Another one is D&R sports.
So give it up, what Minox are you looking at !
Also, have you checked the Minox web site, maby you could get a ph #, call and ask about how their warrentie works from "gray Mk dealers.
T-bone, Try That's SWFA's discount basement. Lots of good deals there. I got a pair of Swarovskis and a pair of Stieners off of there.. The prices are tough to beat.....and they are not grey market.

i have never bickered the price at cabelas but im sure if they want to get rid of it bad enough they might. i bet you would have to go to the store and talk to a manager, probablly an order taker on the phone couldnt do it.