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Got a Bull.....


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Jul 7, 2001
Austin, Tx
Well, the time has come to say that we got a bull. Actually, if Dale and I could shoot worth a $hit we would have had two bulls..... I ended up with a nice 5X5 that had one of his points broken off. I'll get Dale to post the pictures (go figure I work for a computer company, but don't know how to do any of that type of stuff).

We saw him from about a mile or so away and ended up closing the distance to about 400 yards whereby a furry of bullets put the fella out!!!!!

As usual we had our share of problems with the horses, but I didn't get bit or bucked off this year. We had 4, count 'em 4 horse wrecks over the course of 5 days. We were packing all our gear in and the darn horse decided he wanted to step off the trail and do a double back roll down the hill. I would have bet you my last dollar that the damn thing broke his back the way he landed, but after a few minutes he got up and was ready to go agin. The second wreck happened after we got blown off the mountain by 80 mph winds (our tent and camp blew down at 3 a.m. the day before the season started). This in and of itself was a T total pain in the A$$, but because all our tent stakes broke in half we couldn't stay up where we wanted so we headed back down the mountain. We were loading the critters back up to head to our back up location when the damn animal decided he wanted to do a back flip getting into the trailer. The third accident happened after we had shot the bull and were on our way back out of the canyon. The same horse sliped again, falling down the hill leaving me grabbing for a tree as we fell down the hill. The final wreck the next day. Dale and I were sitting there glassing a canyon and let all three horses graze on the side of the hill. The meadows up where we were hunting were unbelieveable. Anyways, the same damn horse laid down and rolled over on his back and ended up rolling down the hill. I'm just happy the other two horses we had had more sense than that one dude otherwise this could have been an interesting trip....
Glad you at least got one bull. I don't know what it is that you do to horses Jimmy. Dr. Doolittle you are not :D That story is a classic :D
Now I have to wait to see the pictures. Welcome back.
Congrats on a good bull.Glad ya had a great time.
JIMMYD !!! Welcome home bud !!! Glad you guys scored ! (Or, one of yah, but I'm guessing it was a tag team effort

Hope to see some pics soon... YAh got pics right ?!?!
Way to go Jimmy. Sounds like a hunt you won't soon forget. Looking forward to seeing some pics.
That's great and congrats on your elk...I do think that there is one horse that should be left home next time, unless you are on flat ground...Other wise there will be another animal on the Murphy list!!! :D :D :D
Congrats on a the bull!!! I have a feeling that I would've been buying that horse...and then a bear tag!!!;) Glad no one got hurt.
Great !
What would a horse hunt be without a littel rodeo anyway ?
Long after the bruises heal, the storys will still be funny.
Congrats on the bull.
The weather sounds like New Zealand chasing blown down tents in the middle of the night
I'd sell or shoot that bloody horse :D
Congrats on the bull.....and sounds like that horse has palsy! :eek: thing you can generally count on is horses being sure-footed. And I tell everyone that mounts one of mine if you get into trouble let the horse do what he wants....he won't get hinself hurt.....but rather geberally it's the rider that gets a horse in a bind.

Sounds like that is not the case with that spastic bastard :rolleyes: ...the meatpacker was probably crossing his fingers he wouldn't come back from the trip ;)
Thanks guys....

Actually the horses this year were awesome except for a couple seconds... That's what happens when you go renting horses for the week. I'd still rather deal with these issues than have to take flatland horses up to the mountains.

Dale & I were talking and the motto of this trip was definitely preserverance. After the first horse wreck and the tent blowing down and all our stuff being scattered across the mountain in 80 mph winds and snow it would have been realllll easy to puss out and take it to the house, but the fact that we regrouped, headed to wal-mart to get all the stuff we needed to fix issues and got back into the mountains was the real key to our success.

The problem we have now is the season's over and we have to wait until next year to get back in the woods.... Boy, I can't wait!!!!!
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