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Good to Hear From A Bunch Of You Again

Welcome to Moosie's HuntTalk

If you recognize some names,you know what can be expected. Good info and lots of laughs.
Welcome, Chambero. This place is a little more active than that other place you mentioned. The nice thing is, I only have to check out HIS once a month to keep on top of it!

You hunting in CO again this year?

I'm headed to Unit 54 with a cow tag for the first rifle season. This will be my first time trying that unit. I haven't got to go since 2000. We had a new baby boy last year and I had to prioritize and stay home.

I'm saving up points for a buck tag in Unit 21. My dad used to hunt up there in the 70s. I have a couple of pretty nice mounts from bucks he took, and I want to try it up there in a few years.

I've got a 4 year old boy and a 1 year old that I can't wait to take to the mountains hunting. The 4 year old already make a pretty good hand in the whitetail stand on our place. He's a pretty good bird dog also.
Welcome to hunt talk chambero. I see you were looking for info on soap creek. We hunted there in 2001,second rifle.We didn't score and KC knows more about that area than me but if you want to know what we did I would be glad to help.
Well, glad to see our "itinerant worker" has caught up with us again. Welcome chambero! I remember the first time you were headed to Colorado for elk.....anyway, if you are asking about Soap Creek you must be heading for the West Elk Wilderness in Area 54. I used to spend alot of time in that part of the state......what info are you looking for in particular? I'll help if I can.
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