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Good morning

heh-heh! Whats wrong Maineiac, life gotcha down ? I have to work every third weekend myself,I know the feeling well.Good morning back atcha buddy!
If I am lucky I get 2 days every two weeks off. They usually are not in a row. My last day off was almost two weeks ago. My next day off is July 2nd. That is if I don't have to work overtime on my day off. It is very typical to work days off on OT. Mind you that does not include any double shifts. I also work a rotating shift either 0600-1600;1600-0200;0000-0800;0700-1500;1500-2300 as you see. Work is time consumeing.
Hello and good morning to the both of you

After I clean up the tub, get my film developed, I have to write an article for the beauty pageant I covered last night.

I was thinking about all you guys

I think you would have well enjoyed yourselves

Crow Woman
Hey Maineiac,you should find another job,life is meant to be more than just working your butt off.

CW,We'd have just gotten our shoes wet with drool!
You know Dick the thought has crossed my mind. Freedom has it's price. In a free society public safty is a major concern. We have to worry about terrorism, drugs, bad people in general.

I am just one of many that makes a sacrifice for our way of life. We live in the greatest country in the world. And keeping it safe is worth every sacrifice that any individual can make.
Yeah,but it shouldn't require you or anyone else to wrap there whole life around it.Take it from me,it passes quickly, I used to be the overtime king at my job.
Ya I know, some how it just seems too. It's a little like a pendulum. Right now it is on the works a lot side. But it will swing the other way soon enough.

I am not sure that a perfect job exists, at least for me. I am looking toward retirement. I will have fun then.
Doing all right Tom, looking forward to getting this thing done and over with tomorrow,got some serious fur collecting to do this fall.
Good Morning Maineiac

Yup, I did some serious dancing in the back yard and sent it packing your way
Wasn't that just so nice of me

I just got home from the store and walked through my yard and you would swear it's a swamp back here. We lost half of our acre pumpkin patch. They just couldn't hold out any longer. But there is good news though, the ones that did survive are the huge pumpkins and gourds! I don't think we will need to water them anytime soon

Hope your day is swell!

Crow Woman
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