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Aug 22, 2001
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I'd be buying Thunder a steak dinner after this. ;)
Family's Dog Stays With Missing Toddler Overnight
7:56 p.m. EDT June 30, 2004 - An Indiana toddler who wandered from her back yard Tuesday evening was found Wednesday morning huddled with her family's dog.
Daisy Smith, age 2, was last seen between 6:30 p.m. and 7 p.m. EST in her yard in Bethlehem, Ind., Louisville TV station WLKY reported.
About 75 people, including officers on ATVs, a K-9 team and a helicopter crew with a heat-sensing camera, spent the night looking for the girl.
Indiana Conservation Officer Andy Crozier found Daisy at 7 a.m. EST by following the dog's tracks. She was about one mile away from her home, barefoot and sitting on the banks of the Ohio River just a few feet from the water.
"She looked like a piece of debris at the side of the river," Crozier said. "Then she raised her head and I knew who she was."
Police suspected all along that the girl wandered off with Thunder, the family's 1-year-old Black Lab because the dog was missing as well. The speculation proved true: Thunder was with the girl when she was found.
"She hugged me," Crozier said. "Put her arms around my neck and didn't let go until I got back here."
Initially, Thunder would not let Crozier get near the child, WLKY reported.
"I had to coax the dog into being my friend instead of protecting her," Crozier said. "Once we made up, I could get hold of her. She seemed OK. She was scared."
Following a tearful reunion with her parents, Daisy was taken to Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville as a precaution. Her mother said she was cold and scared, but otherwise OK.
The girl was released from the hospital a few hours later and is expected to be home Wednesday afternoon.
Daisy's parents, Les and Cheryl Smith, spent part of Wednesday morning thanking the people who spent the night looking for their daughter.
"Thank you to all of the people that prayed for her, too," father Les Smith said. "We're glad that they prayed for her. Maybe that's what brought her home."


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Jun 12, 2002
It's great to hear one of those missing kid stories end up like that. I'll bet they are counting their blessings.

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