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Good Books?


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Jun 13, 2003
Mesa, Arizona
I am going up camping for a week near payson,AZ and will have alot of free time and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on some good books that are hunting, fishing,
or flyfishing books that are recommended. It doesnt matter if there fictional or nonfictional. Thanks
Bloodties: Nature, culture, and the hunt by Ted Kerasote

Hunter's heart or Heartsblood: hunting, spirituality, and wildness in America by David Peterson

In defense of hunting by James Swan

Game in the desert by Jack O'Connor

These are some of my favorites about hunting that I've read in the last couple of years.
Undaunted Courage- biagraphy of Meriwether Lewis. Not realy a hunting fishing book but it does touch on the subject. Great history that you didn't learn in school. About Lewis and Clark.
Just buy a half dozen or so of those magnificient novels by Barbara Cartland. They should get you through a week's stay out in the boonies.