Gonna buy new binos what kind?

JASON..... YOU can never go wrong with those Bino's..... I'm guessing that Ol'Bob has a pair or two or I cn GIVE you a # to a guy that sells them and Zeiss.... Unbeatable prices
jason,i also was thinking of buying a new pair.......but i dont have your kinda loot!
....i was thinking of buying the stiener 8x56...they run about 800.00

moosie,whats the number?and how come i didnt hear anything about this"#" when we were in chat talking about my scope purchase?....huh?

good luck,JB

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WELL...... BOB was offering you a deal.. I didn't want to mess with him, He has good ones.............

CALL, (208) 467-5961 and ASK for "JAY". TELL him OSCAR sent ya.... If JAYS not there... Ask for MATT next ..... TELL him Oscar sent ya :D :D
Jason they anly make the 7x42 in the slc modle they are 3 years old ,green, and in good condition looking to get 700 for them. My eyes are going bad on me and I need more power going to 10 x . If it weren't for my poor eyes I would be keeping them. I recently went through eye surgery.
I've got a pair of 10x56 Zeiss that I LOVE. I think the Swarovski's are awesome, too. That being said, I bought a pair of 10x50 Burris Signatures last year for my significant other. They run around $500 and I think they are absolutely great, for half the price AND half the weight of the Zeiss. Just something to think about. I'd go to a good store and compare several brands. See if the extra quality is worth the extra price. If it is, I don't think you could go wrong with either brand.

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