Goin for Lopes


Dec 17, 2000
Bountiful, Utah
Tomorrow is the opener in my area, and it will be my first hunt for antelope. This should be fun. My little 4 year old wants to go, and I am debating it. Our plans are to walk about a mile from the dirt road to a hill we found and just sit and glass for a bit. Should be fun.
Well Good Luck to you
Well, we are done for the weekend. I thought I was hunting in downtown Denver yesterday. I saw more Colorado license plates than Wyoming. We had an opportunity at one little 12" (estimated) buck, but I was letting my friend's son shoot first because he has never been successful at any hunting. Well, he missed, and as we all know, shooting at a goat on full burn is pretty tough. More so from 300 yards. When the goat rounded the bottom of the hill I forgot all about Denver. It was more like downtown Jerusalem. All I could say was DUCK!!!! There were bullets flying everywhere. The goat won though. Got through about 1000 yards of shooting gallery without slowing down. Needless to say I will not be back on that land until late in the season and only on a weekday.

Aside from that, my daughter had a blast. She loved sitting there with the binocs. She just kept saying "Don't worry daddy, I will find us an antelope." I wouldn't trade that for the world. She was just upset that we didn't shoot one "So we can show mommy." That day will be here soon.
Sounds like you had a great time, despite the crowds! Opening weekend is always a zoo here. It used to be even worse before our season went from 7 days to 4 weeks. Good luck next time around!

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