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Goat Mount

Very nice, who did you use?
Nice goat with nice hair Ovis. Your taxman did a great job.

I don't remember you posting this hunt. Where did you take this goat?
The only bad thing about having this goat now is facing the reality I have no critters with the taxidermist now.


That's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. Whom ever did the work did a great job and nice goat!
Thank you all for the compliments. A good friend and big game finatic did the taxidermy work to the goat. If ever you score on a critter in Alaska, I HIGHLY recommend him. All of his mounts I have ever seen him do are all very life like. Depending on cost (mostly shipping) I will continue to use him for anything I happen to mount while away from Alaska. Black bears and deer are perfect examples of things I would ship to him. Something like an elk if I were so lucky to land on a wallhanger would probably get mounted locally.

This hunt took place in Alaska's Prince William Sound. I killed it approximately 10 days before moving back to the lower 48. It by far is my best kill to date. I posted a short story and pics back when I first killed it. Although the link is still good to the thread, all the pics are lil' red x's.

Here is a trophy pic from the trip. Goat looks the same to me. Probably because he uses the client's trophy photos (if available) as reference photos. How many taxidermists do you know who will do that?


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$8K seems a little high for the hunt. I think a more ballpark figure for the hunt would be $4500. But toss in travel, tags, licenses, and taxidermy, you probably are pushing $8K

Thank you for reminding me how fortunate I am!
I think I could find room in the Double wide for that goat, if you get crowded...

That thing goes past "nice mount", and is in the "Great Art" category.

It is even better in person. However, I have come to the conclusion he needs to sit someplace other than my desk. I guess I'll be holiday shopping for a pedestal too.

I'm thinking that is exactly the hunt you need to go on next year. You need to hook it up with Muskeg!
I concur on the goats hunts. That is my most memorable hunt. Hope to do it again someday, but 8K is a bit out of my range at this point.
What does the Pedastal need to look like? You might be able to use some sort of nice wood kitchen/vanity cabinet, that could have some nice grain, plus some storage for Photo Albums, if you want to get creative. Maybe glass doors, and glass shelves, wire up a light in side, etc.. etc..
Wow! That is a gorgeous mount. I am starting to like the pedastal mounts.

Moosie get one of the 2 NR tags here in Utah and I'll take ya right to 'em free of charge! Horse supplied. Hell, you would be paying me just to be in your presence!

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Those were my thoughts exactly. I hadn't even thought about storage area for my photo albums though.

The habitat pedestal itself is 16" in diameter and made of oak with a medium stain.

Something I can find, old or new, that is about 4 1/2' tall would do. I think something old with character would be cool. My eyes are peeled.


Thanks for the compliment, but I'm not sure you would be taking back your last statement.

More field pics in in the gallery people.

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I'll tell ya what Ovis. There is nothing more beautiful than a good mount and nothing more hideous than a bad one. Your mount is great. That was the first thing I saw when I looked. Great taxidermy work!

I gatta be nice to Moosie. I think he is getting pissed at me!
Fantastic goat Ovis! Looks to be a mature billy. I've been doing a little reading on goats lately. Alaska by far and away looks to have the most big goats in the books.

I was surprised on the stats on the lower 48 though. Nevada has biggest in the 48. Who'd a thunk it. Hey I live in Nevada.....
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