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Go-To Rifle?


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Dec 20, 2000
When the chips are down, what is your Go-To Rifle?

Beings that I only have one, my Ruger MKII in .338 Win Mag has that honor.
1_Pointer, my go to rifle is my custom .358 Griffin & Howe Imp. which is the same as the .358 STA. My backup elk rifle is a custom 9.3 Dakota. Both are excellent elk cartridge's!
It would have to be my Remington 700 in .300 Wthby. It's good to go for just about anything, and I have one load - 82.0 gr of IMR-7828, Rem cases, Fed Gold Medal Mag primers, and a 180 gr Nosler Partition.
OBS-That Dakota sounds like a thumper for sure!!! If I ever shoot out the bbl on my .338 or opt for another I may go with one of their chamberings. Lots of mojo in a 2.5" case! You shoot 286gr bullets in that beast?
1_pointer, no 286's yet. Only 250 Northforks: 91gr. of RL19 gave me 3050fps and groups that measure .242 When he gets the 286 Northforks out i might try some. I feel i have a pretty good combination now. I would like to get my hands on some 320 Woodleighs
I've got a 7mag with a shotout barrel that i'm thinking about rebarreling to 7mm Dakota or .270 Dakota
Custom 7 mag. Pac-Nor bbl. McMillan stock. Built on a Winnie Classic action.

Got the parts to build a 338-06 on a Rem 700 and McMillan stock. Just haven't sent it to Pac-Nor yet.
My all time favorite rifle is my Savage .30-.30.
It fits me perfectly.
It is like my baby
Then I have another 2nd favorite...that would be my Savage .308 both are great rifles. But when it comes down to gettign a deer I'll take my .30-.30 out and one shot is all it takes.

Quick Draw

That would be my semi-custom Win. Mod. 70 in .375AI. In fact, it's the only rifle I've hunted with since 1989. If I'm forced to a back-up rifle, I'll use my wife's .338 Win. Mag. While the stock is too short, it'll work "in a pinch"! -memtb
Oh its a bolt action with a beautiful blonde stock with tiger stripes, and a Tasco 3-9 scope on it.
Quick Draw
For elk, the only thing I've ever used is my .338, Ruger MK II in a Rimrock stock.
For deer & other critters under 300 lbs, I don't really have a "go to". I have four or five rifles that have anywhere from two to fifteen kill each. What ever the situation calls for.
OBS- Those 320gr Woodleighs should get anythings attention.

Thanks for the replies, I was just curious.
Sounds a lot like mine, QuickDraw. Except mine has a nice reddish-walnut stock on it with a Tasco 3-9 scope. It handles like a .22 rifle and with the box magazine, I load 125-150 gr spitzer bullets in it for deer. It has shot several groups close to 1/2-inch at 100 yards.
I own a Red Rider.. In the Pelet caliber.. I like to use a 13 Grain bb Nosler partition. I have a 1x 18Lb scope on it to Stabilize the Kickback.

Well, Either that gun or the Ol' 300, I've taken a Few critters with that gun too
For elk, I shoot a custom Mauser in 8X62 Durham Magnum. Pushes a 200 grain Partition bullet at 3250 fps and shoots 1/2 inch groups from the bench. I'm quite pleased with the results this rifle has yielded.


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