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Dec 27, 2000
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Hey guys, I want to introduce a new partner to Hunt Talk. A little background as to how it came about.

Many of you who have been here since I took over remember when I was trying to provide detailed information of all the popular western states. When we loaded that up, it got a lot of traffic.

Unfortunately, to provide that information and keep it updated was a monumental task, even with the help of some great Hunt Talkers. After a couple years I took it down, as I just did not have time to stay on top of it. Bad information or dated information is worse than no information.

Since then I have been looking for a place that a lot of the same information could be found without going to each and every state website. I get tons of emails and questions about the states we hunt, how to draw tags, how to find places to hunt, etc. I continued to search for a place to send folks with those questions that would be much more useful than my email replies. Nothing ever impressed me until last October.

I was doing some research on a New Mexico hunting unit when I came across a hunting resource, It looked like all I had hoped to provide here, plus a lot more. Lots more.

I lurked on their site and tried to learn what they were up to. A lot of good tips and other information, in addition to some cool stories. In December, I got to visit with them at their Elk Camp booth. Nothing like a face to face meeting to get a feel for how informed people are on the topics we discuss here.

In early January, I decided to become an INSIDER of their website. I wanted to learn more of what they are doing and hopefully pick up a tidbit or two that helps me in my application strategies. The information they provide on each unit of these western states is very helpful, even for the guys who have been doing it for twenty years, as have I.

I asked to meet with them when I was done with my SHOT Show meetings. I wanted to see what they had planned for their site, what services they intended to expand to, and what states they would be covering. The meeting was very helpful.

When I got back to Montana I asked if they had any interest in working together. They are providing a lot of information I could never provide. What they have in store will be much more than what they are offering today.

You all know how picky I am as to the companies we associate with. I have many requests to work with others who are providing digital information to hunters. Until I came across, none of those other websites were a fit for our users. After these meetings and phone calls, I am confident that our members can benefit from the information provided and for those wanting even more, the INSIDER subscription will be worthwhile. It’s one of the best $149 a western hunter could spend.

So with that, welcome the guys from They will be hanging out here, participating in forums, and answering questions you may have of their site and their services. If you see “” in a signature line, I approved it.

When you have time, go over and take a look at their site. There is a lot on their site that applies to guys like us.
I asked them a few specific draw questions about 6 weeks ago, which I'm sure they were wondering wth is up with this guy, but I wanted to know if they actually knew anything. In the end, they had the answers to the questions I asked. You can be assured they know the draw processes in at least WY and AZ, and if they have those dialed I'm sure they have the others dialed too.
I guess an obvious question is how these guys compare with Huntin' Fool. Does anyone have both and what is the difference in the quantity and quality of the information regarding hunt recommendations? HF publishes a nice magazine, but I'm finding I don't look at it as much as I used to, so the recommendations are probably mostly what I'm paying for. I sure I'm like a lot of guys, I sometimes use their recommendations to learn what NOT to apply for, depending on what I'm after. I have sometime gotten value out of the "previous hunter" list from HF, is go.Hunt going to have something similar?
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Huntin Fool said not a single applicant drew a WY GEN Elk tag as a 2nd choice in 2014. I'm sure they don't know how the NR draw works. A fairly important piece of information for most NR, especially those that are paying $100+
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Huntin Fool said not a single applicant drew a WY GEN Elk tag as a 2nd choice in 2014. I'm sure they don't know how the NR draw works. A fairly important piece of information for most NR, especially those that are paying $100+

Even Eastmans that live right in Wyoming don't know how the elk draw works in their own state and there are lots of mistakes in their MRS! Their MRS Utah write up on elk was also a debacle. If this outfit gets the okay from WB, the guru of the western state draws, that should be good enough for everyone as a second to what Fin said in his announcement!
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Nice to see Randy.

I met Lorenzo at the expo in SLC. He walked me through the site and I ended up joining.

What I'm really excited about is what they will continue adding to this site. Wyoming and Montana will be live soon (WY first then Mintana). Several other western states to follow.

Lorenzo also gave some thoughts on how they plan to add even more. The challenge is the analytics take some time to build out to achieve the results they are looking for. You can tell when something goes "live" it is done so with quality and has been well thought out.

One tool I really like is how they have the B&C records broken down by units rather than county. They also update this information routinely, unlike the official books which come out every x years.

Looking forward to using this resource.
I also chatted with them at the Hunt Expo in Salt Lake.

The thing I like about the site is they have staff around the west who upload unit details and images. $149 is a cheap option for scouting.

Very nice people.
I traded some emails. The sample pages in January did not provide any useful information for me. They were not able to allow a short trial to see the live pages. Sounds like the live pages are still being built out. I will hold off until feel can take a leap of faith with over $100.
It sounds like a lot of guys have talked to them, are they claiming to have on the ground information in every unit for each state they have up?

Seems like an awesome product, but at that price point they're going to have to figure out a way to get a sample out to guys. Maybe a one time cheap access to one unit trial?
Still somewhat vague as to exactly what you are getting but it sounds a lot like hunting fool and also focuses on landowner tags and also an outfitter directory.
Clearly more info, but also higher price, has Hunters Trailhead fallen out of favor, or maybe just not kept up?
I bought it, and thought it was pretty useful, but could be better. I think with time it will as one of the things I noticed with Utah was that some of the specific hunt (archery, rifle, muzzleloader, late) had boilerplate language such as for the late hunt. "Bulls will be separated recovering from the rut......". However in a few units, in addition to that same language they offered some specifics of where might be a better area to consider. So like Eastmans and HFs recommendations, go somewhere else LOL.

One thing that I think would be very valuable would be a listing of the hunt number. For example in Utah when I'm looking at a late season tag, it would be awesome to see the hunt number as on one tab I had the PY draw stats up, so I can easily identify the hunt stats for the PY and see how the draw played out for NR.

I haven't gone on to NM yet, but I'll get to it in the next day or so and see how it pairs up with the state information and how easy it is to use the two together to determine which unit to apply for.
I'd have to agree...that price might make sense for those that just want to dump some money, or have money they can burn. But for a lot of folks...that is too spendy to be paying every year. Maybe they should break it up into areas like the OnXMaps you can just get a single state for cheaper.
One tool I really like is how they have the B&C records broken down by units rather than county. They also update this information routinely, unlike the official books which come out every x years.

I don't see how they could do that with any level of accuracy. B&C lists records by county. If, for example, a mule deer record is listed as being from Rio Blanco Co Colorado, it may have come from units 10, 11, 211, 12, 21, 22, 23, 231, or 24.
For me, I typically get one out of state hunt in each year and I generally know which state and area i'd be targeting. All other states I'm just gathering bonus points each year. It sounds like they have really useful Intel, but if I could purchase a la carte Id be much more inclined to drop some coin and see what they offer rather than pay $150 every year.
I don't mind spending the money but I'm already a member to huntin fool, hunters trailhead, and Eastmans. So is it worth it or just the same old info?
ive also got eastmans and hunters trailhead that im subscribed too,,,I agree,eastmans new mrs is a debacle for the utah mrs,and the wyoming elk mrs has some clear mistakes also.I think hunters trailhead is pretty good but id like even more detailed unit info?Is go hunt worth the difference between hunters trail [email protected]? or not?

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