Gearing up for round II with da' bears

Big Sky

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Dec 22, 2000
A Warmer Climate
Well I'm pretty much a basket case at work these days. I know, I know, not much of a stretch for me during a normal week, but this week is worse. Why? Because I leave for Manitoba on Sunday to hunt the mighty black bear for another week. I wish I could find a way to hunt them for months on end rather than just a week or two here and there, but I'll take what I can get and enjoy every minute of it. Between my recent Alaska bear hunt and this soon to be Canadian hunt I think I've about driven everyone I know crazy. Man, I'm going to have to do something really nice for my wife when I get home. Good thing I have a whole week on a stand to think of something:D Best of luck to those of you still hunting for Mr. Bruin.
Hay Big Sky
Just in case your runing out of places and times to go bear hunting,I have one week left in Ouctober for a Hound hunt :D :D Maine is beautiful dering foliage season.
Good luck on your hunt and get another big one. :D
Troy... On a teachers Salery..... DANG... I am definetly doing something wrong :D:D:D

Good luck Big SKY !!!!!
Correction there Moosie, artist's salary. Teacher's salary won't even get me to the other side of Montana to hunt with Greenhorn. Beside's Momma bear says, "no can touchy the teacher salary for such things."