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gar man's elk pics


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Mar 28, 2001
Ohio but my heart is always in the woods
I did the best I could with my pic program. I;m sorry I couldnt do better and do the pics justice.

Here they are and gar man can tell the story.





Wow, that is a damn fine elk and a great backdrop. I am almost thinking you shot him down by the lake and just hauled him up the mountain to get a better picture.

Congrats. Now give us the skinny.
KUDOS to the AWSOME elk. I like the county. Looks like Somethig I'd Strap 100#s on my back to hike around with for fun

Seriously though, congrats !!
Great job Gar Man. That is a good bull, and awesome looking country. Looks like the yelowjackets.

Moosie, did you say one 100# pack or 2? Cuz personally i dont notice anything 100# or less.
Sorry for being so late with the story, but I've been really sick this week just now starting to feel better.
Well the story is we pulled into the crags campground on Saterday the 27th and hunted around there that next day. Talk to two other hunters that had been way back in there and they had seen nothing. So Monday we had to head into Challis to get a flat tire fixed for our trailer (thats a long story in its self)We decided to head to a differant campground pulled into the new campground monday evening and while my buddy and his son sat up camp me and my son went to the top of the mountain to listen for any bugling. Just before the sun went down my son and I heard our very first bugle
. We still had one more day before season started so that next day we spent backpacking in to set up a spike camp and that night we heard at least four bulls and spotted one of them.
Opening morning we get up and we followed a ridge line to where we wanted to be and we did'nt hear a thing so about an hour after sun up we decide tohead a little farther down the ridge. when out of nowhere he bugled about 4 or5 hundred yards down below us. I had my son blow a short bugle over the top of the ridge and all four of us started cow callin. Now I've called in more than my fair share of turkeys before and I've had birds come in hot before, but I ain't never had a 700lbs bird come in screaming and running over everything in his path! WHAT A RUSH. My buddy and I shot at the exact same time when he was at fifty yards. Our two boys were so excited they could'nt even stand up.
After two days of hauling him out we were beat, but we are all ready to do it again next year.
Sorry for the long story, but I am still excited and thanks again for everybodys help special thanks to T-Bone.

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