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Fuggin awesome!!!!


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Jan 13, 2002
Salmon, ID
Today about 2 hours ago my dad and I went to go see if we could see any deer on this ranch where they come down for the winter. When we first got out there we saw a spike with about 3" horns chasin a little doe. We went up the road about 1/10 of a mile and out hopped a little forky about 10", he just stopped in the middle of the road. We kept going then about 1/2 mile up the road we stopped when we saw about 10 deer under one tree eating acorns. There was a really nice forky with them, he was porbably 20" wide and about the same tall. We went on up the road about a mile more and we saw the widest forky I have ever seen. He was over 30" wide. He looked like he should be a nice big 4x4 but he didn't have a G3 or a G4 on either side. Definately a keeper!! We kept going and didn't see anything for a couple of miles so we turned around. When we were coming back my dad spotted two really nice bucks. One was about a 150 class 24" 4x4. His buddy that was standing right next to him was a beauty. This buck was probably 26" wide but really tall!! He was a 5x5 with all of the points over 6" long. His eyeguards were even nice, they were probably 1 1/2" to 2" long. My dad was lookin through his binoculars when he said "Holy fugg!! Get ready to film this!!" The 20" forky had his neck all swelled up, his ears were laid back and he was pissed. The 5x5 saw this and me the intruder right along a barbed wire fence that is only about 10' off the road and they started fighting right through the fence!! They went at it for about 5 minutes and I got the whole thing on film from a distance of about 30 yards. I have NEVER seen deer fight and tonight I saw it and actually got it on film. It was fuggin awesome!! After they got done it was obvious the 5x5 was the champ, he just strutted his stuff and walked up the hill and turned back for one last glance at us. All in all it was a great night of seeing bucks. I have every buck we saw tonight on film, some of which I didn't tell you about because they were just little forkies or little 3 points. I will try to borrow my moms digital camera in the next few weeks and try to take a picture of my TV screen while I have the video playing since I don't have the fancy programs that Moosie has. Now if only the rancher would let me hunt on his property!! :D :D
TK if you burn me a copy of that tape I cant put the tape on hunttalk for you or I can grab stills off it....
I might do that Del. Depending on how well the video turned out. I'll have to find a blank tape layin around somewhere.
Amazing how they go at it when they fight, isn't it! They're so fast and strong! Try to duplicate that kinda racket when you're rattling! Wait 'til ya see a couple of big bull elk battling!! :D

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That would have been an awsome sight Greg...Glad you got to witness some of natures best battle scenes.... :D :D :D
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