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Dec 9, 2000
Rocky Mountains
Sounds like you had a great time out riding your horses!!! Nothing so exciting as being so close to so many Elk! Something that has to be experienced,to be appreciated for the thrill and splendor...How often have you seen "Grizz",when you've been out on horseback? Are they only in Yellowstone,or have they expanded their range?I had heard they've expanded somewhat.
The Yellowstone area will be my new home in a few weeks-can't wait to get out of here!!

GRIMREAPER; The grizzlies have definately expanded their range. They extend south to Pinedale in the Wind River Range, to near La Barge (maybe a little farther south) in the Wyoming Range and somewhere between Meeteesee and Thermopolis in the Owl Creek Range.
A friend of mine, while hunting sheep north of Dubois, saw 13 grizzlies in 14 days of hunting. Some of those may have been repeat sightings, but it's still a lot of bears! -memtb
GR, have only seen tracks while out on the horse and that was last year's elk season. Their area has grown quite a bit as memtb has said. Where bouts you relocating to?
Well Bill!!!
That would have been a grand site to sure is some thing that is exciting..Even when you have seen them a lot, it is still grand to catch a good view of another....I don't think I will ever tire of seeing these creatures... :D :D :D
Thanks for the info Memmtb & Elkhunter.Good hearing they have expanded their range.How soon before they have a season on them?

I will be locating to your neck of the woods.I have a great opportunity not too far from Yellowstone in Montana.If that doesn't pan out,then I will be in Wyoming around Yellowstone.I should be driving through Jackson in about than 2 weeks.
GR, if you know when you will be coming through maybe we could hook up for lunch, cup of coffee or beer.
Don't know when they will delist them. Seems like they are increasing the grizzly recovery area instead. I really don't think it will be much longer with the 3 states trying to get them delisted.

You are so right Russ. It seems one never tires of seeing these animals and to be so close is an added bonus.
Today we went for a ride on the horses. An easy ride in the park as a matter of fact. After a couple hours of riding and seeing a few deer, we saw a couple of elk. Proceeding farther on the trail, those couple of elk turned into like 50. They just stood there within 20-50 feet from us and looked at us. They were all cows and calfs with two small bulls with them. The calves still had white spots on them and were so tiny. I do not go out without the camera that often, but today was one of them days. Even though it was in Teton Park, it was a good time riding and standing in the middle of so many elk.
Elkhunter, that's not nice you talking about elk when I can't be there. I still have 2 months before I can see an elk!! Man, can time go any slower?!?! I tried sleeping in until 9:30 today and that doesn't make the day go any faster. Does anyone have any solutions?? Anyways, I'm glad you had a good ride today, I just wish I would have been there.
Elkhunter,I look forward to getting together when I am up there.Should be going through Jackson on the 11th of Aug,if all goes right.
Anaconda MT isn't too far out of the way either.I look forward to meeting alot of the hunttalk members in that neck of the woods.

I am curious when you get your first snows-September? and whats your yearly snowfall?
Being a lifelong waterfowler-How are the ducks & geese around there???

I'll keep all of you informed.

GR, generaly speaking we get our first mountain snows the end of Sept, beginning of Oct. I think it is something like 400 inches a year in the mountains.

Send me your email addy and I will give you my cell phone # to call me on when you come through on the 11th.

[email protected]

We have some waterfowl, but not very much and all the lands are private.
GRIMREAPER; I think that the state's best waterfowling wii be on the east of the divide. But, as water is such a treasure here, most of the bottom land is private. However, the state has worked with landowners to develope access areas,plus you have lakes and reservoirs to hunt. -memtb
That is the law of Wy. and Mt. Otherwise the game warden could send you to the poky or a big fine....On private lands.... :D :D
Nothing wrong with getting permission to hunt on private lands,been doing that all my life,thats the "law of the land"in most places.I would HATE to be surrounded by large tracts of land that was owned by a bunch of "bunnyhuggers". :( Heck,I wouldn't even want to live around them. :( :( :( I have already ran into more than my fair share here......

memtb-thanks for the info bout the waterfowl.

Elkhunter-send me a PM here with your cell trouble accessing with my email)

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