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Dec 16, 2000
Over the course of the last month and a half I've been working on some varmint, target, and "deer" sized loads for my 6.5-06. Some are quick, some are not, but they are all accurate as all get out in my rifle. My barrel is a 26" #4 contour Lilja with a 1-10 twist.

Here are some of the best ones:

95grVmax. 51-53.2gr WW760, Rem 9 1/2 primers. 3513fps.

107gr Sierra Match King 51-53.0gr WW760 WinLR primers. 3334fps (this one shot a .31 group and only 4fps extreme spread yesterday in 87* temperature)

120gr Sierra Match King 48-51gr WW760 WinLR primers. 3089fps.

100gr NBT 51-54gr WW760 Rem 9 1/2 primers. 3393fps

120gr NBT 54-56.5gr H4831SC Win LR primers 3120fps.

120gr NBT 52-54.5gr Reloader 19 Rem 9 1/2 primers 2960fps.

All these loads were using Win 25-06 cases, necked UP to 6.5, cases were trimmed, champhered, and flash holes de-burred. Bullets were set just off the lands.... so they are long OAL. And of course I weighed EACH charge.

I put the starting weight and the ending weight that I tried, Remember each one is different....... What works in mine may not work in yours.

All of these shoot a half inch group or under. Almost as good as deadeye2's 6.5-06.;)

I really like the 4831SC in this Cartridge, and am going to work more with it, as it fills up the case more and is relatively easy to work with. WD
I finaly started tinkering with some loads for my 6.5 Gibbs 2 weeks go after a couple of years not shooting.Here are the loads I used.DO NOT USEthese loads in a 6.5-06 though.
All loads used 215's and LC 06 brass

140MK/57.0gr IMR-7828/3186fps

sierra 140MK/53.5gr IMR-4831/3170fps

sierra 120sp/56.0gr IMR-4831/3350fps

barnes 120X/57.0gr R-22/3330fps

nosler 120bt/57.0gr IMR-4831/3410fps

sierra 107MK/57.5gr R-22/3332fps

sierra 107MK/58.5gr IMR-4831/3337fps

hornady 95VM/55.5gr Hodgdon 414/3610fps

Pecos likes the 95 gr V-max so I gave it a try.He suggested using H-414 and that is the only powder I tried with the V-Max.I see that the above poster likes Win 760 and gets good velocity with it. Maybe I should give that a try with the lighter bullet weights.I dont find much data for this one .Other than seeing 6.5 -06 info occasionaly and working up my own loads.

Looks to me like you've got the Irishman runnin' for cover Wayne. That's a good thing. I'm glad you're having fun with that round.

Thanks for posting the loads AA, I don't blame Pecos for liking the 95gr Vmax's. I could tell ya feats of accuracy with that load that would I even surprised myself with, and no one else would believe except the eye witness to one of them.

In my opinion there isn't a whale of a lot of difference between H414 and ww760. I just stuck with the 760 since it is easy to work with, it shoots well in my 243, and especially in my 220 swift.

Danr, You'll notice that my OLE Pal MLM hasn't been on the board much...... well there is a reason for that.... he's been turning down necks, fireforming, reloading, bedding, trigger adjusting, wheeling and dealing, putting on scopes, and mowing grass on his big ranch in his spare time. I'd tell ya how many NEW rifles he's gotten in the last couple of months, but you wouldn't believe me. Trust me, the wildcat bug has bit MLM hard. ;)

One last thing Danr, someday, somehow, I'm gonna get out to AZ if for no other reason than to buy you a beer or 2 for talking me into that 6.5-06; by far one of the best rilfe buying decisions I ever made was to follow your advice and get one. Thank you very much.
Oh yea of little faith. I posted on the 17HRM up abit on the board just the other day! See you must of been at home counting your money. I only wish I had the class of rifles you had WD, that way I would not have to spend half my waking hours looking for that one rifle that may beat you on the paper or in the field! I have always known you were half a bullet better than me, but I was hoping to find the rifle that may make that up some day! But with your money and the good life you lead , I should know you have nothing that worries you while you are at the bench! Not to worry , I know when 2nd is as good as it gets!
Mike Murphy
Well well, the Leprachaun is alive. Hi Murph! Nice of you to join us. I knew you couldn't resist too long.

Hey, you lookin' for a rifle to be a bit more accurate than Wayner's? Boy have I got a tip for you. It's not real short, but it's kind of fat and it moves faster than greased lightnin'.

Real good for yotes, prairrie poodles, song dogs, foxes, antelope, and even for small deer. You drop me a line and I'll give you a lead.

Trust me. I was right about the 6.5-06 I'm right about this one also.....

Wayne, Some times the old guys have to join up and make you younger fellas take notice.


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Danr, you were indeed correct about the 6.5-06.

I'm still anxious to get my mits on some of those 129gr SST's for the 6.5. If that shoots and performs as well as the other calibers SST's we've fooled with, it will be dandy deer and like sized critter getter.

Assuming that you were eluding to the 6.5WSM.
My official projection is that MLM will have one in his corral if not BY Christmas, then for sure by Easter. This 'n' will be built on a Panda or Neiska with a barrel that is about the diameter of well casing, and have a wind guard on the trigger so the breeze won't set it off.

Now MLM, you onery cuss, That Mike Bryant built 22-243,switch barrel will outshoot anything I got, that Viper 6BR (with the YELLOW stock) will outshoot anything I got, and that Ruger 243AI with the Lilja barrel will hang in there with the best I got too. Oh gee, I almost forgot about the 22PPC, that thing shoots ticks out a squirrels ear at 150 yds with no wind. If my records are correct, your Ruger 220 Swift, and Ruger 243 (that I used in the shoot-out in Ky) are now legitimate "one holers" too. So don't even try to get sympathy out of Danr about my rifles, he's too slick for that. ;) WD
He is out playing GOLF with his loving wife and head mop squeezer! See she makes almost as much as he does, so this way he is double rich!
Guys I must admit , I let WD shoot some of my Rugers, I have never let anyone else in my life load for me , but with this trip coming up , I let WD load my swifts for me, SO if a man can trust another man, I have done that! But he is going to shoot my 223 stuff , and so is another guy! I just wish I had the money he had to able to buy a nice rifle. Ah someday this may come true.
Now DanR, I hope we are talking about the 6.5X300WSM. I have one other guy in Ga. who built one and he says the drop on that bullet is less at 1000 yards than a 308 is at 500! IF that is so, do yo have the reamers and other parts , to chamber such a loving rilfe? Any and all info will be greatly accepted! Your pal in 6.5 land
Mike Murphy
Murph, I do have the access to the reamers for the 6.5X300wsm improved, but that is not the cartridge I'm talking about. The 224 Durham Jet is the faster than fast one-holer that I meant. Well, come to think about it, both rifles do OK. The WSM conversion is just a little more finicky than the Durham variety. When you get ready, let me know and I'll set you up with loads, specs, what ever.

I may have that covered DanR, I have a 22X243 that with Delron Bullet in the 30 Grain range will hit 5300FPS. Can the Jet kick them out that fast?
I may work on the 6.5X300SM first, thanks DanR
Mike Murphy
Boy Murph.. 5300 is really moving. I can't get 50 grainers to hold together long enough to reach the third screen, so I don't know how fast they are going. I can't even talk story in that catagory.

Where the hell do you get Delron bullets?? Only thing I've ever used that stuff for is insulation around lasers..

There is a custom bullet maker who told me about them. He got me a few of them to try, but I have found out, speed cost barrels, how many barrels do you want to buy in a year! I have kind of stayed in the 50 grain range, keeping them about 4280. with R19 and some 760 compressed load, that is alot in a 243 case moved out and necked down to 224. I have had a few slight problems with the brass flowing into the ejector button. Had to have a new one made and cut ro fill the round hole in the bolt, I had to remove the bolt for awhile after every shot and knock out the brass from the bolt! I believe that was too much! But I did get a lot of room on the shooting line!I have a 243 AI that is showing more promise than any rifle I have had in a long time! 3 groove Lijia barrel, 1/8 twist, oh the 22X243 is a 1/15 twist so light is the only way that one will go!
I will get back to yo on the 6.5X300SM some time this fall I hope. Thanks for all the great advice in the past and I know in the furture also!
Mike Murphy
Danr, could you refresh my aging memory on the steps involved in forming 224 Durham Jet cases? If I ever read what they were formed and fireformed from, I don't remember.

Did you get the reloading dies from Huntingtons, or direct from the manufacturer? Just curious. ;) WD
Wayne, 224 Durham Jet cases are formed from the 243 winchester case. It's necked down, reamed, and fire formed. It only has .008" case taper and a 43 degree shoulder. The unusual thing about the case is the length of the neck. It's longer than most at .300". That helps protect the throat of the barrel if I ever decided to build any HOT loads.

As for the dies, I got those from RCBS years ago when they used to make custom dies. The reamers came from Clymers.


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Danr, MLM and I are headed out to Wyoming to survey the Prairie Dog & 'yote population. :D :D

While I'm out riding and in the lulls in the action, I'm going to ponder the 224 Jet idea. I have an Itch that needs scratched and just haven't quite come up with what rifle to have built next. Maybe I'll have a vision while I'm on this trip. Catch ya when we get back. WD
Well, good luck with the visions. Just be careful it doesn't drop you in a pot hole and break an axle on your vehicle. Ya'll have a good time and think about me being off in the wilds of Kuwait while you're up there shooting varmints.. Should be back in a week.
See ya... :cool:

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