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Nov 25, 2002
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Thought you might like to see the type of Canned hunts offered by Atkinson over at AR in the Big Game forum
:D :D :D :D

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#628352 - 04/15/04 03:56 AM Edit Reply Quote

Comstock Lodge is discounting all Deer, Elk, Bison hunts 35% for anyone that will put up the total amount of the hunt by April 30,2004....

Normal hunts are:

Elk, $2950 Management bulls, $5500 for bulls up to 370; $7500 for any bull over 370 and they have some 400 plus bulls..

Bison are $2750.

Trophy Whitetail Deer are $3750

Spring Turkey: $1500. Fall Turkey $2750.

Bird hunting includes Waterfowl, Unland/waterfowl combo, Pheasants, Quail, Huns, prarie chickens, grouse and dove
Will quote by email on request.

Subtract 35% off the above pricing...

All hunts are guided from a 5 star lodge, food lodging and everything is encluded in the hunt...
Then he posted this over in the African section, I guess you made him feel bad in the Big Game section...

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#632298 - 04/19/04 03:50 AM Edit Reply Quote

I thought I should post this opertunity over on Big Game hunting but that was a mistake I won't make it again, that's where the internet bubbas hang and always take cheap shots at folks trying to help out some hunter....

Anyway I have some elk, deer, turkey, upland birds, waterfowl and bison hunts that have been discounted 35% off their brochure pricesm, if you will put up the entire amount of the hunt by April 31...That is a sugnificiant discount on some really good hunting...See Allen Js and Phil Shoemakers write up posted here on his Bison hunt in Jan. of this year in a blizzard...

It is a fenced hunt but its rough and big enough to suit me when I hunted there last year...the animals are wild and elusive and have been shot at enough to be darn smart.It took me 3 days of hard hunting to get a Buffalo and that is about what one can expect...The lodge and food are 5 star and the folks at Comstock are great people.

For more information contact me.
Gunner, well ol'Ray is not taking it well. I remember some time ago he gave Greenhorn a bunch of crap over his big elk and it is time for a payback.
You're cracking me up with Atkinson.... I love his comparison to the Selway, and then you post the picture of the dead elk in a pasture. I have been to the Selway, and it does not look anything like the pictures at Comstock.

I have read a couple other of his posts, and I thought about "tweaking" him, but I am trying to play nice over at that site. Has he done anything in life to earn the right to be that arrogant??? He's worse than me... ;)
gunner, You have to remember that Ray thinks he is the one and only. Then you get all the wannabee's that dangle of his dick which just makes him swell even more
The best part is I won't get the boot over there like at HuntAmerica!!!!!!!!!

Ah yes, the selway
I have hunted it many times and it is not a cakewalk
Hello JimmyD, you the same fellow that was on here quite awhile back...If so, glad to see you here.... :D
kirk1, it is www.accuratereloading.comelkchsr, yup the same ol' cranky jimmyd, I stop in every once in a while just to make sure an stir up the famous "spike killer"

Here's the last post to the ol boy, should build a fire under him,hehehehe!!!!!!

Loc: Wa. State Re: USA Big Game Special Hunts [Re: Atkinson]
#634142 - 04/20/04 09:45 PM Edit Reply Quote

Ray ol' boy, now your startin to show your true colors when someone doubts your holier than thou word

I really liked this part: Only on this Big Game section is there so many phony counterfiets proclaiming to be such great hunters when in fact people like Jimmyd223 are nothing more than internet meadow muffins nerds that probably never pop a cap,

Pop a cap, come on there Ray, that's the best you can do, you learn that in Texas Ranger school

Read back over this post ol man, never anywhere did I claim to be the great white hunter that you accuse me of. I'm just a country boy that likes to hunt the old fashioned way,not in a fenced pasture.

You Ray are such an "Arrogant Bastard" that you think the sun rises and sets on your holy word.

And from a PM I got this morning from a James Dean, it is quite funny. He says he talked to Bob at Comstock and was told he could take a 400 class bull for 4500.00 if booked and paid for before the end of April.

This is interesting : Rays Bargin price 9500-35%= 6175.00

Comstock Price $4500.00

Profit for being a PIMP on a elk shoot= $1967.50

Give it your best shot Ray as you are failing to convince anyone that this is a real elk hunt.
Poached off a website....

A bit south of the Selway, but only by about 30 miles.... ;)
<a href="http://www.hunttalk.com/modules.php?set_albumName=album92&op=modload&name=gallery&file=index&include=view_album.php" target="_blank">

Click on this for an album to pull pics from....</a>

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#633757 - 04/20/04 10:38 AM Edit Reply Quote

Thats just not right..A going away shot with a "proper caliber and bullet" will put an elk down faster than any broadside shot as it tears up a lot more inside him along with his heart and lungs and most of the time his spine...Its a very ethical shot...

Sometimes I wonder if some of you folks have ever been elk hunting, you act like all you have to do is walk out a block from the car and take the perfect broad side shot, well you are in for a wake up call.

I will guarentee you today if you are hunting elk in Idaho or in any National Forest, you had better be prepared to take whatever shot you get or you are going to go home consistently without your elk...The national success rate is about 10% on bull elk without a guide and about 19% with a guide..

I hunt the prime elk country in and around Salmon, Id. every year and I have to hunt hard and long to get a shot and when I do I get the job done, whatever it takes..

Ray Atkinson
Hey Moosie put in his two cents over there, kinda surprised me that he backed up the fenced elk hunt bashers. Good job Moosie! Especially considering that you don't have a problem with "hunting" tame elk.
Hey guys, let me just point out that I wouldn't have near the problem with this kind of hunt for say hunters with some sort of disability or health problem.
I have never hunted a high fence area but I have hunted hogs down in Kali on a ranch, I think it was like 10,000 acres but the hogs were totally free ranging.
I resent the fact that these elk are being sold per the SCI scoring of their horns and the fact of it only being 2300 acres of pasture. It is not hunting in any way but insted a harvest once you pay the fee.
WH, I'm all about being Funny ;) Truth be told I made a Good point.

the dude that said huntng a 30 Acre rach was the Hardest hunting he's done almost made me laugh though. Grant it, I have hunted little 500 Acre ranches for Exotics and The terrain is Harsh and the Cover is thick. But there is always a Food lot to sit over

And the Picture Atkins posted is Nothing like anything we hunt or close to it. I'd love to hunt a Meadow some day, Would be "TOUGH".

that being said, I'm still for Letting people make their own choice. So I'm nt on the Elk hunt ranch Bashers side. I'm on the Fence strattling Puss side
Moosie, you did make an excellent point (about the crack houses.) It was perfect, but then what else should we expect but perfection from a guy like you. ;)

Jimmy's doing a good job over there all by himself actually. I hope he starts coming around on this board more often. We need a few more like him. :D
WH, thanks man, yes I need to spend more time over here but just how much of Moosie can one person take.
I've never met him face to face but we have talked on the phone and without a doubt he would be welcome in my camp anytime, just not the same tent or the same state........
Actually I am over here every morning about 4:30 am checkin the "adult jokes forum"
Later guys got things to do over at AR, hehehehe!!
WH, nah, I think he put Dutch on ignore, but he sure did bad mouth Moosie and Greenhorn

Now its clear, you and Moosie and Green horn the 3 biggest trols on the internet and the 3 biggest lieing S.O.Bs on the face of this earth..Still smarten over that spanken I gave that lying bastard Greenhorn a year or so ago...The three musketeers, butt buddies for sure...I should have seen through this a lot sooner...Kiss off asshole

I'm through talking to you now. your on my delete....

Hell, I think I might call him tomorrow to ask about this Trophy elk hunt, see whats he's got to say.

WH, hell I see ya are only bout 8 miles from me, damn that could be BAD, we might even know each other and that could be even worse

here's the last part to set him off, he is just to damn easy, swamp was more fun

Re: USA Big Game Special Hunts

Hey there "Great White Bawannabe Hunter Ray" I love this quote by you: I know I eat as much game meat as anyone you know as I probably hunt a lot more than about anyone you know..

Now you registered on 6/4/00 lets say for the benifit of you that is 4 years ago. You have made 12,647 posts

Now that means 3,161.75 posts per year or better yet 8.66 posts for each and every day of the year including holidays

So I'm thinking either you have a big Red "S" on your chest or that all these various deer,mule deer, elk, bison and bear hunts oh and let us not forget S. Africa are "imaginery" as there are not enough hours in the day to do everything you are professing to do. This is not taking into account running your Booking Business and the half assed gun building you claim to do

wanna keep playin, cause I got alot more to say

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