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Jan 22, 2001
San Antonio, Texas, USA
There's a great barbeque place just outside loop 1604 (mile marker 557 on I10) from San Antonio on I10 at exit with milemarker #551. Its called Rudy's (at mile marker 551) and is a red building right on the north side of I10. They have great brisquet, turkey, sausage, side orders and sodas. You can buy food there and put it in the cooler/refrigerator at the ram ranch for the weekend. Its good Texas barbeque, if you want to try that. You can get right back on I10 at mile marker 550.

Also, easy to do, is stop at mile marker #542, also right on the right of I10.
There is a Taco Bell and they have those 10 taco, Mexican pizza, etc. meal deal things and you can get right back on the highway there. Next to the Taco Bell is a grocery store, if you want anything from there, HEB, that's the local chain of stores here started in Kerrville, TX a little farther down the road at mile marker #508.

If you exit there (Kerrville, mile marker 508 from I10), less than a mile to the left is the YO Ranch Holiday Inn. YO Ranch is a 40,000 acre ranch here with lots of hunting, etc. That's they're Holiday Inn. In the lobby there are some neat mounts, blackbuck, huge AOUDAD (full body), giraffe, elk, mule deer, whitetail, Ibex, grizzly. Its about a 5 minute stop if you want a break.

Coming from the other direction on I10 I don't know places that well. But I have eaten in some good barbeque places in Junction, TX at mile marker 456 on 83 south, if you came that far down I10. Otherwise, turning south at Sonora, I've eaten in some small places in Rock Springs, TX, the little Mexican place on the right, accross the street from the grocery store is the best but not great. The Camp Wood restaurant, Casa Falcon, where Moosie and CaHunter ate last year is pretty good, a big buffet for a small town like Camp Wood.
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