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Nov 19, 2023
Hey y'all I'm new from the Ruidoso/Alto area of NM. This is my 2nd year hunting, always been into the outdoors hiking and camping and so forth, but moving here 3 years ago really got me more interested in pursuing them and not just watching them! I was blessed by drawing a cow tag last year and harvested a big one after 3 good days out hunting in late Nov. The experience and great tasting meat got me hooked needless to say! I drew a tag this year as well for up near Red River for 2nd rifle but came up empty handed. It was a great learning experience though and I'm already planning my picks for 2024 draw!
Welcome ! I hunted the Ramah area this year and actually said to the guide "Sure looks Elky " , LOL . I came home with empty coolers , but what cool country . I never saw a Bull.
Same here! Got into alot of old sign and ran into some bighorn around flag mountain but just couldn't find that elusive bull. It was beautiful up there though and definitely elky looking
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Most definitely!! This unit is #1 on my swing for the fences pick, gonna train on a bow too to increase my odds of a tag a little and hunt the rut one day. The bugling down here is something else
True story, 10yrs ago this year I got engaged while we spent NYE at her family place up off Alpine Village. Was up early first day of ‘13 and there were three m’effin MB bedded just downhill off the cabin back porch. Good omen.
Welcome. Primo elk country indeed!
I've stayed in your town a few times. One of the biggest mule deer bucks I have ever seen was laying under a trampoline at a house just off The Links golf course. lol.
Oh yeah we got some big muleys here too! Them and the elk love that golf course lol
That is a good omen! That bull in my photo wasnt too far from the area youre talking about! I got a big boy coming by my house in cycles every few months, he's a smart bull he always seems to be hanging around private during MB season lol I'd be happy just to even find his sheds honestly.
Hey, welcome! I just moved to NM last hear from SD. I bought a home this year and I've already applied for the draw this year. Very excited to hunt here

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