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Flatlanders: Don't be a hater! hahahaha


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Sep 17, 2014
We retired from Wisconsin 5 years ago, and built our ranch in the mountain foothills. Our ranch is surrounded on 3 sides by Federal Forest lands, with the summits of 13,000 ft. mountains 5 miles behind the place.

Since Easter, we've had a herd of Elk that has been coming down to the meadow just South of our place and feeding in the night. The herd has been consistently growing larger by the day, and for the past couple mornings is estimated at least 125. We can't count them accurately because of the way they move in and out of sight, and their general meandering. We see the obviously pregnant cows, a couple spike still carrying their headgear & sparing, one that's got a pronounced limp, and a couple cows rearing up and flailing their hooves at each other.

Last Winter, I got a pic of a modest herd with a cow wearing one of the D.O.W. radio collars, however in this big herd, I haven't seen a single one. (Last I knew, there were about 60 collared cows left in the area migration study.)

So, we get up, sip our coffee, and watch with binoculars. We moved a trail camera over to a funnel we see them walking through, so hopefully will have more close up videos.

We don't take this for granted, and appreciate the special place the Lord blessed us with.

Here's a couple pics from April 19th. Wish I could upload a video, they are much nicer to watch.


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    66.1 KB · Views: 927 a flatlander, I am a hater!:(
Nah, beautiful place, with awesome critters to view at your leisure! Evidence of a well deserved retirement from Wisconsin!
No hate here, but plenty of envy from this Flatlander. My hunting buddy and I have to drive 14 hours every October to hunt elk. I do think the trip is worth the time and effort….even when we are not successful. We usually don't see that many elk (together) where we hunt. OK…I'm starting to hate you now!
I'll proudly be a flatlander hater! I was born in the wrong state...

Looks like an amazing place, congrats!
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